Clary's Week Three SEC Predictions

Read inside for football analyst Ryan Clary's week three SEC predictions.

I've never in my life been more happy to be wrong. Last week I picked Georgia, but I did get the "game" right. I predicted Georgia would drive down for the winning score late in the game. They just didn't do it. But a 7-2 week and a 16-4 overall record is a pretty good start. This week, however, presents a few more challenges. With eight games to pick, I'm aiming for a 7-1 record.

Western Carolina at Georgia: The Georgia Bulldogs will bounce back nicely. Matthew Stafford will have a nice week and won't be under a lot of pressure. As we saw last week, when you get in his face, he has a tendency to overthrow the ball. Georgia will win big.

Georgia 31 Western Carolina 6

Middle Tennessee State at LSU: If Middle Tennessee St. holds LSU under 45 points, does that mean that they are better than Mississippi St. or Virginia Tech? The Blue Raiders surprisingly will be the best offense LSU will see. Maybe they'll reach double digits on this amazing Tiger defense... or maybe not.

LSU 56 Middle Tenn. St. 3

Louisville at Kentucky: (guarantee of the week)

So many analysts are talking about how this game will be a great one. I disagree. I think the Cardinals come out firing and the defensive letdown against Middle Tennessee St. woke them up in time to prevent the upset. I think this one will be close for a half, but Louisville's depth shows through in the 2nd half. Brian Brohm and Andre Woodson will have HUGE days, but the better QB will win.

Louisville 49 Kentucky 31

Ole Miss at Vanderbilt: What do I have to do to show you how bad Chris Nickson is? He was 3rd team All-SEC preseason... "WHAT?" I said. Maybe his 5-18 for 67 yards performance against Alabama will wake some people up. This week he should look better because Ole Miss is terrible. Rebel QB Seth Adams has had a good two games, but besides BJ Green-Ellis, there's nothing there to be excited about. This will be a bad game between two bad teams, but one has to come out on top. If Ole Miss can control the time of possession and keep the ball away from Earl Bennett, they've got a chance. Vandy has to find a way to finish off some drives by getting in the end zone... and they will.

Vandy 13 Ole Miss 10

Arkansas at Alabama: This one will be a lot of fun to watch. Nick Saben will get his first real test when the best rushing combo in the country comes calling. I know this one is in Alabama, but Arkansas knows how to win on the road. Alabama RB Terry Grant, however, leads the league in rushing, so this one could get slow at times. Whoever is in the best shape and has energy up front in the 4th quarter should win this game.

Arkansas 21 Alabama 20

Tennessee at Florida: We'll finally see how good this Florida offense is. All signs point to Florida wiping the floor with the Vols, but Tennessee has faced two good teams to start and will be battle tested. Florida is not going to know what hit them on defense when they face a team who knows what they're doing. This one will come down to the wire, because although it bugs everyone including myself, Tim Tebow is a good QB and will make great plays. I picked the Vols to win the East, so I'll pick them here. I think Tennessee QB Erik Ainge has a big day and leads the Vols in a close 4th quarter victory. Florida's defense just isn't ready yet for this big-time game.

Tennessee 28 Florida 24

South Carolina St. at USC: South Carolina needs to prevent a good start by S.C. State, and this one will be over quickly. The Bulldogs will watch the Louisiana-Lafayette tape since they have the same type of offense. Too bad USC will be more ready than before and won't be looking ahead. Carolina is playing with much more confidence than two weeks ago. The Gamecocks will throw out a lot of different players on offense and will at times look like world beaters... and at others look confused because of all the young guys that will play. This one has the chance to be close for a while, but it won't be. USC is focused and will run down their throats. Expect Carolina to throw a lot too, because it's time for this team to find a #2 wide receiver. It'll be good to see our buddy Coach Pough back on the field at Williams-Brice.

USC 45 S.C. State 10

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