Lou Holtz Monday Press Conference Quotes - Pre UT

''The open date was good for us. I think we got some things done during the open date. The two guys that will definitely not be ready are Ryan Brewer and Jason Capers. I like the progress we have made. We spent a lot of time on the kicking game and fundamentals.'' ...

"Looking at Tennessee, I watch them on film and I don't see much difference between this Tennessee team and other ones. Their defense is as good as I've seen it. You look at their defensive statistics, they are one of the top defenses in the country."
"I think they have an excellent offensive line with guys like Michael Munoz. Their receivers are talented but young. Without (Kelley) Washington in their, they're a little bit different. I think with Casey Clausen they have an outstanding quarterback. He keeps his poise tremendously and he is much better scrambler then people think."
"Field position in this game a year ago was not particularly good. Our field position the last two games at LSU and at Kentucky was not good either. We can't afford to give Tennessee good field position. We are going to have to play an excellent game."
"I think Tennessee does a great job of coaching. I don't think Coach Fulmer and his staff get the credit for the job they do."
"I kept hoping Ryan (Brewer) would be back. We are not very good at punt return and with Ryan's ankle it was difficult but he could field the ball. Every time I put someone back there we fumbled the ball. I don't know. I'm going to go out there today and if you asked me now, either Jared Farabee or Dunta Robinson. We have five people catching exceptionally well in practice. James Adkisson, Matthew Thomas, Jared Farabee, Robinson and Troy Williamson."
"You don't want to play a team that is used to winning, when they are wounded. Last year we did not convert on third and six inches. They converted on third and 24. The year before they converted on third and 17, a curl past and I'll never forget it. I know they are going to be right mentally."

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