Saluting a Carolina Victory

Gamecock baseball fans are getting excited about Saturday's first meeting with Clemson. They can salute a Carolina victory, and every win, in a memorable manner. To mark the last season at Sarge Frye Field, and the first in 45 years of Carolina baseball without Tom Price, just shout his initials and his two favorite words after every win: "T.P.!" (clap, clap) "Cocks win!" (clap, clap).

The former Gamecock SID and Historian often said aloud his famous favorite two words in the English language after every victory. Fans can remember him and celebrate a win at the same time.

That will make even Clemson fans think a little about Carolina's baseball tradition.

There are always cheers after each USC home baseball victory. The players exchange congratulations on the field while the fans do the same in the stands. But this season is different. The 2008 season is special. It's a sad goodbye to departed Gamecock baseball fixture Tom Price and a fond, season long farewell to Sarge Frye Field. Fans and players can give a season long tribute to Price, who knew all the players as well as almost anyone connected to the program, with this victory salute.

"T.P.!" (clap, clap) "'Cocks win!" (clap, clap). would be a satisfying sound to celebrate the moment of victory and honor the history of Gamecock baseball when they join together a Carolina baseball victory and those who love the feeling like Tom Price did. Right after the Alma Mater, when the cheers have been momentarily silenced but the good feeling remains, let everyone know Carolina has won again.

"T.P.!" (clap, clap) " "Cock's win!" (clap, clap) would stir old fans, excite the players and pass on some history of Gamecock baseball to the new and casual fan. And importantly, it would only be used to celebrate a victory, something that always brought a smile to Tom Price's face as he scratched down the final stats in his scorebook while glancing up to looking out at the players sharing happily milling about on the field and watching the fans him in the stands just below him sharing smiles and cheers.

Sentimental? Sure. Corny? No. An "insider" cheer? Maybe at first, but for each fan asking "What are they saying?" there will be at least one fan to pass on the story of Tom Price and his two favorite words.

"T.P.!" (clap, clap) "‘Cocks win!" (clap, clap).

Make it special, Gamecock baseball Fans. Chant it only after a victory. It looks like there will be many memorable moments at "The Sarge" in 2008, and a signature chant would make victory and the fond farewell even sweeter, even without T.P.

The sound should reach Tom Price and Sarge Frye in Gamecock heaven.

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