Sunday Football Notes (Post UT - Pre Arkansas)

USC switched up its practice schedule for Sunday and Monday, opting to examine the game film and practice Sunday night and give the players Monday off. "We've got a bad taste in our mouth from the Tennessee game ...

...(after the 18-10 loss) and going ahead and coming back late this afternoon (5 p.m.) to watch the film and then work out under the lights gives us the opportunity to put that game behind us, correct our mistakes and get ready for a very good Arkansas team," said offensive coordinator Skip Holtz.

* After looking at the film of the Tennessee game, Skip Holtz said the Gamecocks played "extremely hard and gave great effort." "It's frustrating on offense, because we're not driving the ball on the defense," said Skip. "Our scoring drives against Tennessee came on short fields. We ran the ball pretty well Saturday, but our passing game was inept. The offensive line played well, which helped make the running game pretty productive."

* When asked about the passing game, which produced just 45 yards in Saturday's game against the Vols, Skip said it appeared to be a combination of things. "We struggled getting open and we struggled with the accuracy on our throws," said Skip. "We have not thrown the ball well against press man coverage and we will see more of that against the University of Arkansas. We haven't had the best field position the past few weeks and we've lost some key receivers at times."

* Even though sophomore quarterback Dondrial Pinkins played much of the fourth quarter against Tennessee with the game on the line, Skip said that was not an indication of a loss of confidence in starting signal-caller Corey Jenkins. "In no way, shape or form am I pointing the finger at Corey Jenkins," said Skip. "The reason I went with Dondrial is because I was looking to get a jump start with our passing game, which had been pretty inept throughout the game. Dondrial is probably a better pocket passer than Corey, but he didn't show that on Saturday. Corey is our starting quarterback because of his leadership, because of how he runs the offense, and because of what he brings to the running game. Sure, I would like for him to be a seasoned pocket passer, but I can't wave a magic wand and make that happen. I'd like to see Corey become more comfortable with the different coverage's he's seeing now. We're seeing a lot more man coverage. I think Corey may be somewhat hesitant to throw the ball at times because he doesn't want to risk an interception. Opposing defenses are stacking the box and saying that we are going to have to throw the ball to beat them. We've got to find a way to correct that. Arkansas has a very aggressive defensive front and we will be challenged once again this week."

* Saturday's game, which marks the final Williams-Brice Stadium appearance for 26 Gamecock seniors, will be televised by Jefferson-Pilot Sports. Kickoff is set for 12:37 p.m. The athletics department will also have its annual Salute to the Armed Services at this Saturday's game.

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