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Chris Payne:

March 14, 1991 is the day I was born. When I was around seven everyone knew I was going to be a football player. It was an everyday thing when it came to football, I love it. Me and my brother Justin would go in the front yard and play college football. I was Carolina, and he was Oklahoma. When the kickoff got started we always planned who was going to have the big hit first, but everyone knew it didn't matter because regardless I was going to get one.

As we got older and started to play Pop Warner, that's when I made my name. I played for a team called Midlands at Bray Park, in West Columbia. The positions I played were HB, MLB, KR, and PR. I did it all. Midlands taught me how to be a great football player and never lose.

When I reached the ninth grade I started to go see my favorite college play. That was the coolest experience a ninth grader could ever do. I mean the atmosphere was electric and so hyped that I wanted to play there so bad. But when they lost that is when I first experienced loss. I felt like I was part of their team, and it really hurt me to see them lose. At that time I made my mind up that I wanted to be a Gamecock for life. I want them to have the mindset like I have. I want them not to just beat teams, but crush them. I want to be the person to bring that attitude to the locker room.

A couple of years have passed since my freshman year. Now I am in the 11th grade. We had an outstanding season. We finished 1st in our region, and then lost in the fourth round of the 2A playoffs. After football season I started to work hard. Damario and I pushed each other, and promised each other that we will win the state championship next year. Soon after season the offers for Damario began to roll in. I was trying to be ok with that. I did not have any. I was jealous; I was happy for him but mad at the same time.

One of my best friends, JuJu, told me to be patient, it's going to come. About three weeks later I got accepted to the University of North Carolina's junior day. That's when I picked up my first offer. I was so happy. But something was still missing. I got back home that Sunday and got an offer from Michigan State, but still something was missing. I got back to school, and that whole week I wondered if I was going to get that offer. The week passed and still no offer. That next week I went to my first block class and Coach Amick called for me. I went running down the hall to Coach Amick saying, "Did they offer me, did they, did they?" Coach Amick said, "Reaves said call him". So I called him and Coach Reaves said "Do you want to be a Gamecock?" I said, "yes sir!" All that day I was on cloud nine.

After that is was a dream come true, everything started to fall into place. The next week I went to Carolina and met with Coach Reaves while he was in a quarterback meeting. After the meeting he asked, "Do you have some good news for me?" I told him, "Yes! I want to be a Gamecock." Coach Reaves was so happy. I kept the news to myself and a little while later I set up a press conference.

That could have been the best thing to happen to me because I now am working so hard for something. And now I will get to play for my favorite college, and that is a dream come true. And now people can start making shirts that say "Gamecock 4-life."

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