World of Payne: A Gamecock Diary

In his weekly recruiting diary with, South Carolina commitment Chris Payne discusses his impressions of USC's spring practice and shares several reasons why he feels comfortable in his decision to become a Gamecock. Read inside for the latest installment of Payne's diary.

Chris Payne Journal #4:

To me practice in college is more intense, and the players seem to have much more fun at what they are doing. Practice is more organized and runs smoother than a high school practice. College practice is cool to watch because I love to see who's going to make the big play so they don't have to run after practice.

When I go see them practice I always go with the defensive backs. I like to watch what they do, whose footwork is better, how they act, and who the leaders are. They are a unit. That is what I like about them, they are a unit, and always want to make the big play.

The one thing I love about Carolina is how they treat me like family, and most of the players talk to me and tell me they are glad I am coming to play with them. Since they treat me like family, when I get there I won't be scared. Most of the times I am with the defensive backs, and they always do things with me. I sit in their meetings, seeing what they do best, and how they read the sets on the offensive side. Everyday I have come, Coach Cooper always says, "there's my boy". I love that. And I am really glad that he is going to be teaching me.

This is another reason why I chose Carolina: They are 15 minutes away, and after I graduate I can go right over there and start lifting, get the playbooks, and learn everything about the program. This is when I will get the edge over other prospects. I feel that I am a hard worker, and I know how to conduct myself as an elite player. I really know football, and I am a player who always wants to get better. And that is why I love Carolina.

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