World of Payne: A Gamecock Diary

In his weekly recruiting diary with, South Carolina commitment Chris Payne shares his experience at the Garnet and Black Game last weekend and talks about his interaction with several of the other visiting recruits. Read inside for the latest installment of Payne's diary.

Chris Payne Journal #5:

The night before the spring game I was so excited that I could not go to sleep. In the morning I woke up ready, thinking about how much fun I was going to have. I put on my clothes and called my academic coach and asked her to come get me early so we could head over. Right after I got off the phone with her, Mario called and said he was on his way. So I called my academic coach back and told her I was heading over with Mario. Mario showed up and we were on our way!

As we were heading over, I was texting my boy Nu'keese Richardson and was telling him I was on my way to the stadium. He said he was going to beat us there. When we arrived, I went to the prospect gate and signed in. As I was doing that, my boy was walking in. That's when I stopped doing everything and me and him gave each other hand shakes, and the fun began.

As soon as he was done signing in, we went with a USC student who gave us a tour around the weight room and Nu'keese loved it. After we took our tour, we went to grab something to eat. While we were eating, prospects came around and shook my hand and came to the table to eat. As we were finishing up, Robbie came in and told us to go to the meeting rooms and that Coach Spurrier was going to talk to us. We walked down and I met with Jamal Patterson, Sam Montgomery, Jonathan Scott and some others.

Coach Spurrier started telling us how fun Carolina is and how great the academic center is going to be. Everyone was loving every word Coach Spurrier was saying. After Coach stopped talking, everybody went down to the field and I saw all my Gamecock brothers - Aramis Hillary, Big T.J. Johnson from Aynor, and Justice Cunningham. It was great to meet all of them. As the stands started to get packed, we went up to our seats in the recruit section. As we were walking up, everyone knew who I was, and Nu'keese thought that was the best highlight of the day.

While the game was going on, me and Nu'keese were sitting together and having fun. But when the game hit the third quarter, I took him to the student section and he was loving it. I feel we have a good chance with him. We hung out the whole night, then he left Sunday morning. Sam Montgomery said he really loved it. He said the fans at Clemson don't know him, but when he was walking to his seats at Carolina, everybody knew him. He said that was an A++ for us.

And remember, Gamecock 4-life!

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