Lou Holtz Monday Press Conference Quotes

"It gets harder each week. We did have some people play well last week. Moe Thompson is playing outstanding football. He and Langston Moore played well. We had three linebackers play exceptionally well: Ricardo Hurley, Lance Laury and Jeremiah Garrison." ...

"On offense, the offensive line is doing very well. Hart Turner is really playing well. You count on (Travelle) Wharton you count on Cedric Williams, you count on Shane Hall and they were there. C.J. Frye coming back from the injury played well and Andrew Pinnock for the last five weeks has played exceptionally well. I was also really pleased with the way Thez Robinson stepped in and played. Those people I mentioned, I looked at the film and they really competed well and deserved a better fate."

"For the last two and a half games we have played poorly. Our problems on offense and defense are very similar. They basically fall into four areas. One is turnovers. We have recovered one fumble on defense, no interceptions the last three games. Our offense has not fumbled in the last three games but we have had eight interceptions. We don't get many big plays. We're giving up some big plays and we're not making any big plays. The third area is third down. The last three games we have been dismal on third down. On defense, we have had problems with third down and it continues to exist. Penalties we get at the most inopportune times. We had the ball 12 times on Saturday, we had three turnovers and three drives stopped by penalties. Half the time we didn't give ourselves a chance to win. We've been hurt there on both sides of the ball. All this leads to field position. Two of the three games, we've never started on the other team's end of the field but we've given the ball up on our end of the field. We've always taken pride in excelling in those areas and this year we certainly don't."

"Looking at this week's game against the University of Florida, where do you start? Start with defense, they are number one (in the conference) on third down defense, 27 percent which is one of the tops in the country. Their pass defense is number four in the country giving up 150 yards a game. They have very talented people."

"Offensively they have a great tailback in (Earnest) Graham, maybe the best quarterback in (Rex) Grossman, a Heisman candidate, he's second in the SEC in passing at 256 yards a game."

"They (Florida) have everything going for them, they are involved in the conference race. If Auburn beats Georgia they can win the division.'

"Injury-wise, I don't think Michael Ages will be back and I don't think Ryan Brewer will be back. (James) Adkisson and (Matthew) Thomas are out. So you go from there. But I'm more interested in us not self-destructing and improving in those four areas then anything else."

"We continue to run the ball well but we just get out of the game and don't run it often enough."

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