World of Payne: A Gamecock Diary

In his weekly recruiting diary with, South Carolina commitment Chris Payne discusses several of his experiences as a high-profile prospect during the recruiting process. Read inside for the latest installment of Payne's diary.

Chris Payne Journal #6:

The recruiting process to me has been very nice. Even though I'm committed to the Gamecocks, I still get letters from all types of schools. The top schools that are recruiting me hard are South Carolina, Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas Christian, Clemson, and Michigan State.

Right now I feel really good, but people don't know all the things that I have to go through and how much stuff I have to take. The bad thing about being a big time prospect is having to take all the bull from old men who never played football and have never been a big time prospect. They say things like, "I hope he breaks his legs". They say things like that more now because I de-committed from Clemson, and I guess now they are mad.

A great thing about recruiting is meeting the real nice fans and cool coaches. When I visit college campuses and when coaches arrive on my campus, they tell me all about the school and ask how my grades are. They also ask if I have good focus in school.

The programs I had a good feeling about during the recruiting process were USC, Oklahoma, Clemson, and Alabama. Those are the type schools that can change somebody's life,

When my offers started to come in, different family members started to come around. I feel they came because of the money they think I am going to get, but they say they are coming to see me.

One good thing about committing early is that I can help recruit other players and tell them the bad and good about the different colleges. I think I have a good personality and the ability to tell other prospects from my perspective about how I feel about Carolina, including the good and the bad. As of right now I feel really good about the whole recruiting process, and I think it can only get better.

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