Mammoth OL attends combine, talks recruiting

Bertie (Windsor, NC) 3-star offensive tackle Travis Bond was in attendance at the Armour combine in Charlotte on Saturday morning, and caught up with the mammoth lineman to discuss the latest in his recruitment. Check inside for this exclusive video interview with Bond, who many believe is one of the top o-line prospects in the southeast this year.


Full transcript of video interview

GamecockAnthem: Did you have a good time out here?

Travis Bond: Yeah, I had a real good time, getting to see the competition I'll be facing in college and otherwise.

GA: Did you participate in the drills out here? What were some of your times in the forty and the other drills?

TB: I had a 5.28 in the forty. My vertical was 29.5". I was impressed with that, because I'm not used to doing the vertical. Everything else went pretty good.

GA: Alright, and what's your accurate height and weight?

TB: 6'7", 323.

GA: Switching to recruiting, who are your offers right now?

TB: South Carolina, NC State, ECU, and Chapel Hill (UNC).

GA: Who stands out out of that group right now?

TB: I don't really have any standouts right now.

GA: Have you had some coaches by your school recently?

TB: Yes, they come through. South Carolina came through Friday. Michigan is supposed to be coming through Tuesday. And other schools will be coming through from everywhere.

GA: Who is your South Carolina recruiter?

TB: I can't think of his name right now.

GA: What did you think about him?

TB: I like him. He says stuff I like to hear. All the recruiters, they're real cool. I like the coaching staffs from all the schools.

GA: What are their (recruiting) pitches towards you?

TB: All of them said I can start. But I think I'm going to see how things work when I get there.

GA: Have you made any visits out, yet?

TB: Not yet.

GA: Do you have any planned?

TB: Not yet, but I know I'm going to be visiting some of them.

GA: When do you think you'll have your decision by?

TB: Man, no time soon.

GA: Would you say maybe after your senior year? Signing day?

TB: Signing day probably.

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