Explosive RB interested in Gamecocks

With the Gamecocks looking to sign a speedy, game-breaker at running back this recruiting cycle, what better place to look than the running back-rich Sunshine State? Gaither HS (Tampa, FL) running back Jarvis Giles is one back that could be just what South Carolina is looking for. Read inside as GamecockAnthem.com updates the explosive tailback's recruitment.

The 6'0", 180 pound Giles has speed to burn with an electronically timed 4.35 second forty-yard dash, but that doesn't mean the speedster isn't always working hard to get better and faster.

"I've got a trainer named Josh Cooper who is training with me in Tampa, FL. He's got the SPARQ equipment and all that. He's trained a lot of good guys. Jarred Fayson came through there. (Stephen) Garcia came through. He's got a lot of top guys that went to the next level."

Giles now has 18 offers to his credit, including tenders from programs such as Tennessee, Nebraska, Ole Miss, South Carolina, Clemson, Georgia, Florida State, and Florida.

The elite back put together an impressive junior campaign, carrying the ball 236 times for 1,378 yards and 19 touchdowns. Giles described what type of back he is and how he puts up such impressive numbers.

"Most running backs have power or speed, but I'm pretty much a versatile type back. I have power, speed, quickness, and explosiveness. I've got the hands to go out in the slot for mismatches. I don't know how to say it, but I'm pretty much a natural. I'm just one step ahead of everybody else. I try to work on my game one step in front of everybody else."

Gaither just concluded their spring with a 13-7 victory in two quarters of the local jamboree in which Giles rushed for 84 yards and a touchdown on 7 carries. According to Giles, two or three college coaches attended just about every one of their practices. With spring over and the school year nearing an end, Giles has put recruiting aside for the time being.

"I'm just chillin', laid back right now. I'm just pretty much going through the last week of school and trying to study for my exams. I'm putting the recruiting thing to the side right now and worrying about school."

Despite all the attention from coaches, Giles hasn't got the chance to get out and visit many of the schools he is interested in. He has been to Gainesville to see Florida, but has not left the state to visit any of the other schools he is interested in.

The one out-of-state visit Giles has set up is a summer trip to Tennessee for a day camp. While there has been rampant speculation that the Vols are big leaders for the Tampa star early on, he says he simply knows more about them because he has family in Tennessee, and that he is open to all the schools who have offered him.

The nation's No. 23 ranked running back according to Scout.com described what he likes about the Tennessee program.

"Overall, Phil Fulmer he is an excellent coach and has put a lot of excellent running backs to the next level. For running the ball, they're going to get the running back 30, 25 carries a game regardless. They could be down, but they're still going to get the ball to the running back, so that's one main thing I like about Tennessee."

While Giles has not set up any other visits yet, he does plan to make a trip to the Palmetto State to check out South Carolina and Clemson. The big-time running back is not yet sure if he will be able to take unofficial visits to the two schools or will have to just wait and take official visits.

Even if Giles does get to see the two South Carolina schools this summer, he says each has a pretty good chance of landing one of his five official visits. Nebraska may also receive an official visit, because they are simply too far for him to take an unofficial to.

Giles broke down what he thinks about the South Carolina program.

"South Carolina, they do a little bit of everything. They run the ball, and they also like to put their running back out in the slot and get him the ball in the open field. Pretty much that's what I like about South Carolina. They've got a great coach over there, too."

USC quarterbacks coach and recruiting coordinator David Reaves is recruiting Giles for the Gamecocks.

"He's a funny-type guy. He likes to joke around and everything. We just chit-chat every now and then. He just likes to talk, and I appreciate that because I like to talk to. It feels like we've known each other for a while so we've pretty much already got a good relationship started."

Giles also had positive things to say about the Clemson Tigers.

"Pretty much the running history they have over there. Clemson is known for running the ball. They produce a lot of top running backs. They've got top running backs over there right now. I would be honored to be in that uniform running that rock."

Giles has a long way to go before he can make a decision and says he will probably just decide after taking his five officials. Despite having so many visits left to take, the explosive back does know what he is looking for in the program he will ultimately choose

"The next level after college is not guaranteed, so I want to build a strong relationship with the coaches and have a strong relationship with my running backs coach. I'm not going just for football, so if I fortunately do make it to the next level, I want to have built a lifetime relationship so I can call them if I need anything or have trouble. Also, just overall the school and where they stand because I'm going to be a student-athlete, and want to be a part of the school. So where their academics rank at as a school is important, too."

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