Elite 2010 quarterback likes Gamecocks

Steve Spurrier doesn't throw out quarterback offers to just anybody, and it is even rarer for Spurrier to offer a quarterback without first seeing him in person. But that hasn't stopped Skyline (Issaquah, Wash.) signal-caller Jake Heaps from earning an offer from Spurrier and the Gamecocks before he has finished his sophomore year in high school. Read inside for all the details.

The 6'2", 195 pound Jake Heaps says he also has offers from 10 other schools, including Washington, BYU, UCLA, Cal, Minnesota, Arizona State, Boise State, Washington State and Oregon State.

While college coaches cannot call Heaps until his junior year, he says they mostly talk to his high school coach and then Heaps can call them back if he wants. Spurrier is one of the many coaches Heaps has talked to on the phone.

"I called and talked to Coach Spurrier," Heaps said. "He was the one who gave me my scholarship offer. It was a fun deal talking to him. He and Coach Reaves were very, very impressed with my abilities, especially as young as I am so they were thrilled about me."

While Heaps is still looking to learn more about the Gamecocks, he did have positive things to say about the direction of their program.

"It's a great program. Steve Spurrier has done a really good job down there. I'm really excited about them, and it was a really a neat deal for me to get offered by Coach Spurrier and the Gamecocks. Coach Reaves and coach Spurrier are definitely great coaches, especially quarterback coaches. I just want to find out more and see more what it's all about."

Heaps also discussed how the Gamecocks are recruiting him and what their recruiting pitch toward him is.

"They both, he and coach Reaves, have said, ‘It's very rare we offer someone this young.' They just couldn't overlook my talents and the plays I'm making as a sophomore. They just think the sky's the limit for me. They think that I would lead them to the National Championship and be an All-SEC player for them."

Heaps has taken visits to Washington, Washington St., Oregon, Oregon St., BYU and Southern Cal, but says there are a lot more visits he hopes to take soon.

"I would love to get out to all the schools that have offered me. I've been trying to get out to South Carolina, Notre Dame, Clemson, Oklahoma, Florida and Florida State and some of the other schools like Arizona State, Cal and Minnesota and some of those other schools that I have not been able to see. Really you'd like to be everywhere you possibly can, but it's just so hard financially it's almost impossible."

Heaps says he could take one long trip to the East Coast and visit the majority of the schools out there on the trip.

While Heaps is wide open to all the schools who are recruiting him right now, he admits he grew up a fan of the Washington Huskies.

"I've been a Husky fan all my life. I was born and raised a Husky fan. They have some things they have to work out, and we'll just wait and see what happens. I'm really excited to watch college football this year and look at all the teams that have offered and see how they're doing. It's really going to be fun for me. I am a Husky fan, but I'm not approaching this as a fan; I'm approaching it as a player and what's good for me."

While Heaps could end up staying home and playing for the Huskies, he says distance is not a factor and he is not worried about the possibility of leaving home to play his college ball.

"I'm a big believer of whatever fits you, fits you. Whether that's right here at Washington or all the way down at South Carolina, it really doesn't matter to me. If it's the right place and everything works out for me, then that's where I've got to go regardless of where the location is. I'm open to everybody. It's not really a matter of location. It's a matter of the school, the program and the education."

With his recruitment starting so early, Heaps is already feeling the growing pressure on quarterbacks these days to go ahead and commit early.

"A lot of schools are asking me to commit somewhat early. It's just kind of the nature of the thing, though. You see all the top quarterbacks these days committing early just because they want to get the recruiting process out of the way and also help out for the next recruiting class."

Heaps has a plan and says he will really start to narrow down and come up with a strategy for deciding after this summer. He says he will then commit to the school of his choice right after his junior season or right before his senior season. Heaps projects to be one of, if not the top quarterback in the 2010 class.

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