Elite wide receiver hopes to visit USC

Duncan U. Fletcher (Neptune Beach, FL) four-star wide receiver Lamar Scruggs is one of the most naturally talented pass-catchers in the Sunshine State's 2009 class. Scruggs' 6'3" frame, soft hands, and overall athleticism have made programs from around the country take notice as he now has over 35 written scholarship offers. Read inside to see where the Gamecocks stand with the elite receiver.

Scruggs missed the entire spring with an injured hamstring, but that didn't stop coaches from programs all over from coming to visit him. The talented athlete recently went to the USF camp last weekend and has plenty more visits he hopes to take this summer.

"Probably South Carolina, LSU, Clemson, Illinois, Florida, Florida State, and Tennessee," Scruggs replied when asked which schools he hopes to visit over the summer.

According to Scruggs, he has offers from all of the schools he wants to visit this summer, along with tenders from Miami, Michigan and Auburn among others. The Neptune Beach, Fla. native says no school stands out to him right now, and he is still in the process of gathering information on the different schools that are pursuing him.

"I'm just weighing my options right now, trying to narrow it down to five really," Scruggs says. "I'm just trying to find out all the information I can about the schools so I can make my decision."

One program that has grabbed Scruggs attention is South Carolina, thanks in large part to the recruiting efforts of Gamecock wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier, Jr.

"I'm very, very interested in South Carolina. I like their offense; they run a pro-style offense. I like Steve Spurrier, Jr. the wide receivers coach; I mean, I talk to him all the time. He's a good guy. So, I'm really interested in them."

Scruggs described some of what Spurrier Jr. is telling him to try and lure him from the Sunshine State to the Palmetto State.

"Really, he's just telling me about the family body that I would be a part of there and how I would fit in the program. And just how I would make a good receiver at South Carolina."

While Scruggs doesn't know which schools will get official visits from him, he did give indications that the Gamecocks are in good shape to get one of his five officials. When asked how good the chances are that USC will receive an official visit, Scruggs replied, "They would be up there in the top two."

The sure-handed receiver says he grew up pulling for Florida, and while he does have offers from all three major Florida schools, he couldn't rule out the possibility of leaving the state to go to college.

"I don't mind traveling. If I have to travel, I have to travel. I was born a Gator fan," Scruggs says. "I could leave. I don't have a problem leaving, but it's always best to be close to home. If I have to leave, I have to leave, though."

Scruggs described what he will be looking for in the school he eventually chooses.

"Really good coaching, education, and a family body — a place I could fit in really (well). It has to be somewhere I could spend the next four years and I could spend the rest of my life there. It's a place I could fit in and make a big impact, too."

The nation's No. 37 receiver according to Scout.com says he has no time-table for a commitment. Scruggs plays free safety and wide receiver at Duncan U. Fletcher and hauled in 23 catches for 536 yards and 7 touchdowns as a junior last season.

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