Tuesday's Practice Report - Captains Selected

Tuesday's football practice was full of enthusiasm, according to Gamecock head coach Lou Holtz. "Our players have had outstanding focus on this game," said Coach Holtz. "That's one good thing about having a game like this at the end of the year; there's nothing else you need to focus on at the present time." ...

Coach Holtz did admit it was a bit odd, however, that after 11 games of the season, the team was still trying to figure some things out, both offensively and defensively. "We're still trying to fix some things and you try not to have to be in that position this late in the year," said Holtz.

* Coach Holtz said the team's injury situation had improved some what. Troy Williamson (groin) may not be able to go. Right now, he's not on the preliminary travel list."

* Coach Holtz said that it has been his experience as a coach to have a young, untested quarterback (like Dondrial Pinkins) have a more difficult time in his second start as opposed to his first start. "There's expectations, different defenses that you have to read, and a combination of things," said Holtz. "Sometimes, the second game is much harder than the first. Now, for Dondrial, it's been extra hard, because his first two starts are going to be at "The Swamp" (vs. Florida) and at Clemson."

* Coach Holtz said that if he had to do it over again, he would not have backed off the team from contact during the early part of preseason. "When we lost Dondrial and Bennett Swygert to injuries in that one preseason scrimmage, we backed off a little after that because of the danger of losing more people to injury," said Holtz. "That may have hurt us some in the beginning of the year. I normally don't like to do that."

* Coach Holtz said that on Monday, the team voted for season captains and they are: senior tailback/wide receiver Ryan Brewer; senior nose tackle Langston Moore; senior offensive guard Cedric Williams; and senior spur Jonathan Martin.

* ESPN has announced that South Carolina's feature on "SEC - The Season" would be Thursday, Dec. 19 at 12 midnight. A previous schedule had listed this week as the air date and that is incorrect.

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