One on One with Corey Addison

Read inside as goes one on one with recent South Carolina commitment Corey Addison on a variety of topics.

Andrew Jackson (Jacksonville, FL) 3-star safety Corey Addison, who's considered by many to be one of the top safety prospects in the southeast this year, committed to South Carolina last weekend while on an unofficial visit to Columbia. Read below as goes one on one with the highly touted defensive back.

Question: Can you talk me through the series of events that led up to your decision to commit to South Carolina?

Answer: "I'd been thinking about it for a long time. I just wanted to see everything again before committing, and my visit went great. When we first got there (on my unofficial visit), they were going through a walk-through. Then we got to talk to Coach Spurrier for a little bit and talked with the academic advisor. Then when we got back in the office, I was talking with Coach Spurrier, and he was asking me how I feel about South Carolina and how I like the place. He asked me: 'Are you ready to get with us, are you ready to join us?' I told him 'Yes,' and he jumped up and gave me a high-five. Coach Spurrier Jr. was in there, and I high-fived him too. My parents were excited and everything. It was cool."

Question: You had twenty-seven scholarship offers to choose from, but in the end what factors really stood out to you about South Carolina?

Answer: "I just like the program and the coaches. They're building a lot of new facilities to get up with the Floridas and the LSUs. The educational side of it is great. I want to go into sports and entertainment management, and they have one of the best programs in the country. It was a combination of those things that really stood out to me."

Question: Growing up in Florida, I'm sure you're aware of Steve Spurrier's history as a coach. Did the opportunity to play for him factor into your decision as well?

Answer: "Oh yeah, I've seen what he did with Florida. I know he can do it at South Carolina too, and I want to be a part of that."

Question: One of Spurrier's main goals at South Carolina is to lead the Gamecocks to their first ever SEC Championship. How do you feel about the opportunity to be a part of that now that you're officially a Gamecock?

Answer: "That was one of the main things he said - that I can be a part of the first team if they don't win it this year. That would be really special to be a part of that."

Question: What has South Carolina told you about the possibility for early playing time next year?

Answer: "It's not certain, but it could happen. They've got five DBs right now that could go to the NFL or (graduate). If they leave, that would mean I'd have a pretty good chance to play early."

Question: What position did USC recruit you at?

Answer: "They like me at free safety."

Question: When you were on campus and got to watch part of the Gamecocks' practice, did anything stand out to you about the DBs?

Answer: "I got to watch their walk through. The movements their DBs make are kind of similar to the stuff we do. The free and strong (safeties) move up and down, and they switch positions and stuff like that."

Question: What are your impressions of safeties coach Ron Cooper?

Answer: "Coach Cooper is real cool. He's high energy, and I like that."

Question: How firm are you in your commitment to the Gamecocks?

Answer: "I'm firm. I'm very comfortable with my decision."

Question: What other schools did you strongly consider before ultimately deciding to commit to South Carolina?

Answer: "It was Florida and UCF that I looked at the most, but UCF was number two."

Question: I know you grew up a Florida fan, but the Gators never stepped forward with an offer for you. What's it going to be like playing against them every year in the SEC-East now?

Answer: "I'm really looking forward to that game now. I'm gonna play my hardest against Florida."

Question: For those that haven't seen you play much on the football field, how would you describe your strengths as a player in the secondary?

Answer: "I'm a hard hitter. I love to hit. I'm very aggressive."

Question: Are there any areas of your game that you'd still like to improve in?

Answer: "Playing the ball better when it's in the air."

Question: What's your accurate height and weight right now?

Answer: "I'm about 6'0", 185 or 190."

Question: What kind of numbers did you put up in your junior season?

Answer: "I had 77 tackles and 3 interceptions on defense."

Question: What kind of goals have you set for yourself and your team heading into your senior season this fall?

Answer: "Really, I don't have any goals for myself. But for the team, last year we ended the run for a district championship, and I want to get back to that and the playoffs. Before that, we had won three in a row. We should have a good team again this year."

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