Spartanburg Radio Gets a "Hot Corner"

Spartanburg college sports fan have something new and vibrant to crank up their mornings Monday through Thursday at 10 a.m. "The Hot Corner with Ryan Clary" debuts on AM 1400 this week, and will focus on college sports centered on South Carolina and Clemson.

Ryan Clary has been the featured baseball analyst on for the last two years, and was a well-known and liked fixture on Columbia sports radio before moving to his wife's hometown of Spartanburg in January of this year.

Ryan hosted the most popular show in the history of USC's campus radio station WUSC while majoring in broadcast journalism there. He then was part of the lineup at Columbia's ESPN affiliate 93.1 FM, and also had a show with GamecockAnthem's Jonathan Jolley on WUSC during the summer of 2007.

He has been on the air in Spartanburg the last few months as part of the ever popular "Open Mic Daily" also heard daily on ESPN 1400 at 3 pm. Listeners not familiar with Ryan are in for a treat. His new show can be heard on ESPN 1400am or on the worldwide web at

The show content is dedicated to college sports and centered on South Carolina and Clemson. Ryan brings a wealth of factual knowledge of the game and the teams to compliment his opinions of the programs and their performances. He will give praise when deserved, and won't hold back when criticism is deserved. You may or may not like everything he has to say, but you'll understand and respect his perspective because of the clarity with which he brings it. His stated goal is to get you to understand all the facts, without sugarcoating.

The show will have many guests that you normally don't hear on other shows, and Ryan will cover the upcoming opponents like no other show does so you'll know exactly what to look for when the opposing team steps on the field.

Ryan will continue to be part of "Open Mic Daily" in the afternoons. The Hot Corner will initially be from 10-11 in the mornings, airing Mon-Thursday. At the start of the 2009, the show will not only move to five days a week, but in all likelihood, will be two hours long. He will also continue to be the featured baseball analyst on

If you want an objective and informative show that talks about both USC and Clemson without fanhood getting in the way, tune in Ryan each morning at 10 a.m.

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