Garcia, Smelley could both play vs. Arkansas

The Gamecocks went through an extended practice Wednesday evening as they continued preparations for Saturday's game against the Arkansas Razorbacks. In particular, Steve Spurrier spent extra time with the quarterbacks after practice as part of his ongoing quest to find a signal caller he feels totally confident with.

"Our quarterbacks should be playing better, just like I told them," Spurrier said after practice. "I know our protection is not all that great, but when it is good, we should be hitting guys. Sometimes our quarterbacks act like they don't know where they are, they just take off running. Well, Stephen [Garcia] does. We've got to get back and throw the ball at our guys when we get a chance."

Spurrier went on to say that he is not opposed to the idea of playing both Garcia and backup Chris Smelley against the Razorbacks. Despite his protestations that he does not like using multiple quarterbacks, Spurrier has gone with multiple signal callers in five of the nine games this year. When asked why both Garcia and Smelley may play, Spurrier laughed.

"Why wouldn't they?" he asked. "We haven't had one play well enough to deserve to play the entire game yet."

One quarterback who will definitely not be playing is freshman Reid McCollum. McCollum was already slated to redshirt this season, but he has missed valuable practice time lately due to a class conflict. Due to certain circumstances, McCollum was forced to pick up a class on Monday and Wednesday evenings, causing him to miss half of South Carolina's practices each week.

"He's just wasted about the whole fall semester," Spurrier said, clearly annoyed with the freshman. "He needs to make a better commitment once this season's over if he wants to play around here. He's capable. He can make all the throws. He needs to get his academic work in order and get out here [to practice]."

Whoever the quarterback is, he will need better protection from the offensive line. This week, the line could see a contribution from a new face. Guard Kevin Young, who has been sidelined with a shoulder injury, has been practicing, and with the injury to Lemuel Jeanpierre, could be called on to play this week.

"Kevin young is back out here; how about that?," said Spurrier. "After about two years of injuries, Kevin was out pushing and shoving. He's been back off and on for a couple of weeks."

The unexpected return of Young was countered by an injury to another player who has not seen the field this year. Freshman running back Kenny Miles, who is redshirting, was injured in a scooter accident Wednesday. The injuries are not serious, but they have caused Spurrier to introduce some new rules for players who ride scooters.

"We're going to start mandatory enforcement that our guys wear helmets," he said. "We've got to do that. We've had three or four accidents and Kenny got all scuffed up. He's out for a couple weeks, but he's okay. His face looks like he slid into second base on a paved road. If we find them with it off, we may not let them play that week."

J. Lindsey reflects on career, obstacles overcome

There were times when it did not seem like he would reach this day, but senior defensive end Jordin Lindsey will be celebrating senior day this weekend. Academic issues and off the field activities derailed his playing career at times, but Lindsey would not change a thing.

"I'm glad that actually happened to me so I had a chance to learn from it and actually do what I know I can do," he said.

Lindsey has certainly learned from those mistakes. The History major has had a GPA over 3.2 for the last two years, and is excited to be close to getting his degree.

"I've got two more classes to take in the spring, but they're probably going to be night classes, so I'll be done early," said Lindsey.

If Lindsey had not gotten his act together, he would not be around today as a starter on the number three defense in the nation. He is not the flashiest player on defense, but he does the dirty work like stuffing the run that allows other players to make the big plays. Lindsey is now on his fourth coordinator at South Carolina, and while it would be easy to say the biggest factor in the defensive improvement is Ellis Johnson, Lindsey thinks it has more to do with players' attitudes.

"The whole defense cares this year," he said. "Everybody wants to put in the best effort, wants to stay the best. We've gotten close to the best, so we want to stay the best and keep putting on the best effort we can."

Just three days before his final game at Williams-Brice Stadium, the finality of the moment was starting to sink in for Lindsey. There are still games against Florida and Clemson, as well as a likely bowl game, but Saturday will be the final time Lindsey gets to play in front of the Gamecock faithful, and Lindsey cannot help but be a bit nostalgic.

"I know everybody says that, but it really has [set in]," he said. "Through all the things that I've been through, it seems like just yesterday I was a freshman. Everyone goes through that experience, but I'm ready to get it done, ready to play."

Lindsey is somewhat undersized as a defensive end in college, meaning he is very undersized for the NFL. He knows making the NFL is a long shot, and has started to give a little thought about life beyond football. That is not to say he is giving in just yet, though.

"NFL, great, I'd love to do that," said Lindsey. "It's a dream like anybody else, but it's a very slim chance like everybody should know. I'm not devoting my life to it, but I'm going to try. Whatever happens, happens. To tell the truth, I haven't really thought about it. I'm just trying to finish my career here before I worry about all that stuff."

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