Taneyhill on Clemson: I like our chances

Steve Taneyhill will always be remembered by Carolina fans for his signature win over Clemson. Now the coach of the Chesterfield Rams, he shares about the big rivalry game coming up, while taking a quick look back at the Florida loss. Read inside to get his perspective on the biggest rivalry game of the year.

Clemson: It is an awful important game as far as bowls are concerned. Both defenses are awful good. That is going to be the tough part. Both offenses struggle at times, both defenses are solid from top to bottom. I think in a game that is so emotional, big rivalry, with Clemson wanting to finish out the year on a positive note, I really think it will come down to the little things, like turnovers. Who can weather the storm at the beginning with all the emotions and go play, South Carolina or Clemson?

I like Carolina's chances. I think our defense is a little bit better than Clemson's, and hopefully we won't turn it over on offense and give ourselves a chance to win. It will be a great game. I think Clemson has rebounded from their tough time in the middle of the season, and we have to rebound from an awful tough loss.

Florida: I think we got beat by a far superior team with far superior athletes out there when their offense was on the field. I don't think we played good; you can't turn it over as many times as we did, not good enough on offense. That's a team that is probably is going to have a shot at winning the national championship. We didn't play our best game. I said going into the game we were going to have to play mistake free, and that wasn't the case.

From a coach's perspective, what do you do to regroup after a tough loss: The only way you go about is to correct the mistakes, first and foremost. No matter what the score is, you have to go in and correct the mistakes that were made, and then move on to the next week. You tell your players, ‘The game is over. Once that final buzzer sounds, you can't go back. You have to move forward.

Chesterfield won the state championship under Taneyhill last season, and played for the title the year before. He updates us on this year's playoffs: We won 44-14. We tried to give away in the first five minutes; they scored on the third play. We drove inside the 20 and turned it over. After holding them, we fumbled the punt. We finally settled down and played good. We ran the ball for about 300 yards. Our tailback (Derrick McQueen) had five touchdown runs. Next game is a rematch of last year's upper state championship with Bamberg-Erhardt.

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