Giles has three at the top

Gaither (Tampa, Fl.) running back Jarvis Giles' recruitment took a major turn when Tennessee head coach Philip Fulmer resigned in early November. His recruitment just took another interesting twist when Lane Kiffin was hired as Fulmer's replacement and immediately hired his brother-in-law David Reaves, Giles' former recruiter at South Carolina. Read inside for a full update on the four-star back.

The 6', 175 lb. Giles took an official visit to Lincoln, Nebraska to see the Cornhuskers defeat Colorado 40-31 this weekend, before hearing the Kiffin news. Giles says he enjoyed the visit.

"It was straight; Nebraska was good," Giles said. "(The coaches) showed me a lot of things and opened my eyes about Nebraska and the tradition they have there. It was good."

Giles described what stood out to him the most about the Nebraska program.

"Pretty much the whole tradition they have there, and the running backs they've put in the next level," Giles said. "How much they pound the rock, it is a running school over there, but as my dad said it's also far too."

Despite how far Nebraska is, Giles insisted that distance would not play a large part in his decision.

"Distance doesn't really matter. My dad was just bringing it up a little," Giles said. "He's going to support me wherever I go, but he was like, ‘Nebraska is far and I would like to at least come to two or three of your games a season, but it's not me who has to play.' But as far as distance being a factor, it really doesn't matter to me. I'll go anywhere, really."

The visit effectively evened Nebraska up with South Carolina, who had led for Giles' services since an early November official visit, and dropped Tennessee out of the race.

But then things changed…again. Lane Kiffin was named Tennessee head coach. Giles offered his immediate thoughts when he heard the news.

"I mean, Lane Kiffin is a heck of a coach, but he was at USC with Reggie Bush and all those boys," Giles said. "So, yeah I was kind of excited, but then again when I would watch USC when Reggie Bush was there, like Reggie Bush was the go-to guy, but then again he rotated a lot of guys and you don't really get to get in that groove."

Kiffin contacted Giles around 7 this morning. And then the phone rang again. It was David Reaves, Giles' former recruiter of record at South Carolina and new recruiter of record at Tennessee.

"Kiffin called me and then Reaves called me after I got off the phone with Kiffin," Giles said. "He was just telling me that he was going to Tennessee tonight and he was going on with the staff and he was getting a job there because Kiffin is his brother-in-law. I was like, ‘well, best of luck with you,' and he said ‘I'm going to come recruit you even harder and try to get you back on the board with Tennessee.'"

Reaves spoke with Giles and his father, with the two conversations lasting about 30 minutes total. And then South Carolina fired back.

"I heard from South Carolina today. Coach Gillespie, the running backs coach called me and then I got on the phone with Spurrier," Giles said. "He's going to try to come in (for an in-home visit) Sunday if he can, or early the following week. I know Coach Gillespie is coming in Thursday for sure."

With Reaves gone, Gillespie, Giles future position coach if he were to pick South Carolina, will officially take over his recruitment for South Carolina.

"He's recruiting me. He's the running back coach so I like that," Giles said. "So I can build an even stronger relationship with him with that."

Gillespie already played a big part in Giles' recruitment even before the departure of Reaves, and Giles says he trusts Gillespie as a person.

"He's a kind, down-to-earth dude. He's honest. I feel comfortable when I'm talking to him; I don't feel like I'm talking to a used-car salesman when I'm talking to him," Giles said. "He's a cool guy. As far as coaching-wise, he seems like he knows how to give the right tools and techniques to help get you on the next level."

Now, after a topsy-turvy recruitment Giles is down to three programs. As an early enrollee, he will have just over a month to choose between South Carolina, Tennessee and Nebraska.

Giles described the main things that stand out about each program.

South Carolina: "It's not too far from home. I feel comfortable there. The guys are real nice, real nice townspeople. They love their football over there."

Nebraska: "They've got the tradition over there. They've got a lot of National Championships and get backs to the next level."

Tennessee: "It's another traditional school. A lot of things happened with Fulmer there. Unfortunately he's gone, but Kiffin is coming in. That's a real big traditional school. People over there in Tennessee love their football."

Giles pointed out that all three programs have fans that fully support their football program.

"All three colleges overall, all of (the fans) are crazy about their football. Football is serious with all of them," Giles said. "Some of them don't have NFL teams (in the state) except Tennessee. But the other two schools don't have an NFL team, and they pretty much cherish that. Like football is like no other sport to them, so college football is really big to South Carolina and Nebraska. Tennessee, it's real big over there too."

Giles also pointed out that he can get to the next level no matter which school he chooses.

"Truthfully, you can go anywhere in the country and you can still get to go to the next level," Giles said. "It doesn't matter what coach is coaching you, it's how you put out. Coaches can only do so much for you, so you've got to do the rest. That's how I look at it."

He has taken official visits to all three programs, and isn't sure if he will take any more unofficial visits. With little time to decide, a bevy of in-home visits scheduled for the next week or so could play a big part in his decision. Monday Tennessee's Kiffin and Reaves are tentatively scheduled for a visit as well as Nebraska's Tim Beck. On Thursday South Carolina's Gillespie will meet with the speedster, and Sunday Nebraska head-man Bo Pelini will see Giles with Spurrier tentatively scheduled to visit, too.

While it's all even between the three programs, Giles does know what he will be looking for in the end.

"They're all dead even really," Giles said. "I could go anywhere, so it's going to come down to me feeling comfortable. And pretty much what my dad thinks. He plays a big role in this too; my father is my best friend. My brother has already been through this. He goes to Washington State, so he gives me a little advice. What it's really going to come down to is me feeling comfortable overall in the end."

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