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If you have been around anytime at all then you already know about our famous Hotsheet. This was started by The Rooster in 1997 and has been the Gamecock Internet recruitnic's staple every since. Other sites have tried copying it, but it is best when viewed from the original source. So get ready for this year's Hotsheet ...

The Rooster's Hotsheet first appeared on the old ''Deuce" way back in January of 1997. It was often passed around at spring practices by savvy Internet users who would make copies and share it with their friends. Since then more and more sites have sprung up, and more and more attempts at duplication have been made. But the one and only original Rooster's Hotsheet can only be found here, where The Rooster Roosts.

If you are a serious recruiting junkie, a true Gamecock Recruitnic, then this will clarify our current situation like no other recruiting tool available. And we keep it updated by confirming and validating information, and adding or subtracting input every 24 hours as new information roles in. This year it is available only to Premium subscribers.

To view our list of prospects by position simply click the position identifier under the ''Pos'' column on the far left. To view our current commitment list click here - Current Commitment List

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Pos # SRs 2003 JRs 2004 SOPH 2005 FR 2006 Prospects Prospects
QB 2-3   Pinkins Rathe Swygert* Mitchell Newton
RB 3   Gray Robinson, T   Summers Abrams
  2     Irons   Boyd Billie
FB 2     Turman Edgerson    
WR 7  Donnings Gause, A* Williamson Freeman Whiteside Smith 
  5    Thomas, M* Hemphill Hill Lee  Williams
  2    Muhammad     Harper  
TE 3/1 Turner Brownlee Boyd   Laggis    
OL 13 Wharton Alston Goddard Mick Young Telfort
  2  Barnes Walker* Malloy Robinson, B Brown Overmyer
  7    Strickland Levey Hall, J Palmoore Brim
          White Bunoch   Dirkmaat
DT 6 Jackson, R Thorne Stroman Schweitzer Saint-Preux Boone
  1   Shropshire Tucker     Gooden(*)
  4     Thompson     Kittrell
DE 4   Gause, G Scott   Langenfeld  
  1   Capers Person*   Redd  
  3    Silas     Edwards  
LB 6 Garrison Lawrence Laury   Brown, R Harrison 
  2 Slay Grant Lambert      
  2    Coley Weston      
  1     Hurley      
S 4   Jackson, J Davis   Rogers Stanback  
  1    Wilson        
FS 4 Eiland Monroe*        
  1    Peoples     Wells Simpson(*)
  1     Harris        
CB 4  Crawford   Tyler   Erving Hefney
  1/1 Robinson, D       Bennett Staley 
  4  Stackhouse       Griffin Brock
ST 3 Weaver   Brown, J      
OFF 31 4 9 10 9 NA NA
DEF 29 7 10 11 1 NA NA
SPT 2 1 0 1 0 20 26
TOT 63 12 19 22 10 Prospects Tot 46
26 - Blue = Medium To Soft Prospects. These Prospects Could Go Either Way on Signing Day, may not be offered by signing day in some regards, or may be placed.
20 - Garnet = Strong Leans Or Commitments . These Look Good For The Gamecocks
4 - Shropshire, Rathe, Hill and Lawrence have signed and will be enrolling in January in time for winter workouts and spring practice. What does that tell you about the current roster? Three of those guys are going on last year's roster. We are going to lose 2 more. (We did not count those four in the total numbers because they have signed and are in.)
Looks like Schweitzer will be moved to the defensive line.
Bold Black = returning starters ... Italic Black = returning players that must contrinute
We have two outstanding kickers/punters visiting that will be offered preferred walkon status.
There is a chance that Corey Peoples could be moved to corner. Billie is being recruited as a utility player on offense.
Chris White - still a question mark for medical reasons but is looking more hopeful.
Randy Jackson will split time between DE and DT in the four man front. Moe will move down. Schweitzer is headed there as well.
Walkons are not included for the time being on this hotsheet as we are attempting to concentrate on the scholarship numbers game.
Note: Notice the balance in the classes that is beginning to take shape under Holtz in his fifth season. (With the exception of the 2006 defensive class proviso Schweitzer.) Ideally you want 20 in each class SRs - SOPHs, and 25 in your freshman class including both red-shirted freshmen and true freshmen.

Note: This question has been asked a lot lately. ''Will Tray Rogers, son of George Rogers, receive an employee benefit scholarship from USC rather than enrolling under an athletic scholarship?''

The answer is no. NO NO NO. There is no such thing. Employees of the University of South Carolina are required to pay their children's tuition just like you and me. Trey is a legit division one SEC prospect, a legacy player, and on top of being a stud, he is a good all around kid. We're lucky to have him commit to us and he will make an impact when his time comes.

85 - Numbers Crunch ... 85 Allowed - 63 Listed (Including Hill, Shropeshire, Lawrence and Rath) = Room to enroll 22 new prospects out of the 35-50 listed. (But we are going to lose another player OR TWO off of last year's roster yet especially with the three early signees now onboard.) You decide ... if you were a coach, which 15-20 prospects listed above would you exclude, and which 23-28 would you sign and enroll to contribute during the 2003 season? It is a difficult decision is it not? And there are likely two more to be added to the serious prospect list in the next few days.

We estimate, and we have been very very close to this in past years, that we will sign 31 (including Shropshire. Rathe, Hill and Lawrence), place 4 (*) and enroll 27 when all is said and done between now and the start of next summer's practices.

Last Updated: 15 January 2003 at 0730 hrs

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