Boynton Scoping Out 2011 Georgia Prospects

South Carolina assistant coach Mike Boynton was out recruiting in small town Georgia Tuesday night, scouting a couple of 2011 prospects coached by his former Gamecock teammate JoJo Cadray. Justin Young was on hand for to check out Nigel Snipes and Victor Nickerson as well, and brings you this first hand report.

DECATUR, GA -- Tucked away on the east side of downtown Atlanta, the Paideia School has become a must stop school for college basketball coaches this high school season.

The private school is home to Nigel Snipes and E. Victor Nickerson, two of the better prospects in the Peach State. The doors to the tiny gym have been revolving with coaches from the ACC, SEC and every other league in the Southeast.

On Tuesday night, South Carolina assistant coach Mike Boynton was at the school to take a look at the pair of sophomores as Paideia, the No. 7 ranked class A team in Georgia, took on Greenforest Christian, the No. 3 ranked team in class A.

The outcome wasn't pretty but Paideia won 50-42. For Snipes and Nickerson, a win against a quality opponent outshines pretty points.

"It was ugly but all we needed was a ‘W'. This win really helped us out because it is going to help us in our region and that's only going to help us get into the state tournament," Nickerson said.

"A win like this gives us a lot of confidence. Hopefully we can go out there and beat them next time we play them and it gives us confidence that we can beat anyone else now, too," Snipes said.

The duo will beat plenty of teams over the next two and a half years of high school ball. Snipes, a strong-bodied 6-foot-5 wing, has the frame of a high-major two guard. He's an aggressive and athletic rebounder. Offensively, Snipes said he is having more freedom this season than ever before to shoot the ball.

Nickerson, a 6-foot-7 combo forward, is a do-everything post that serves as his team's primary ball-handler and one of the better passers on the team. Once his perimeter shot improves, Nickerson can be a full-time wing at the college level.

Both players indirectly have a connection to South Carolina. Paidiea head coach JoJo Cadray played with Boynton at South Carolina for a season. Because of the relationship between the coaches, the Gamecocks have been aggressive pursuers in the class of 2011 prospects.

Snipes has been to Columbia for an unofficial visit while Nickerson is waiting for some open time in his schedule in order to visit USC.

"I went up there and it was nice," Snipe said. "I like the arena and the people were really nice. The education was a big selling point. They are big in international business and that's what I want to go into."

Snipes said he and Darrin Horn are still getting to know each other.

"I talked to him a little bit. He seems like a really good guy," Snipes said.

Nickerson said he wants to see what his friend saw in November while on his visit.

"I've heard from them a good bit," Nickerson said. "I think I'm going to go up there after the high school season."

It comes as no surprise that the two are being recruited by the majority of the same schools. South Carolina, Florida, Kansas State, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Xavier, Kentucky, LSU, Penn State and Virginia Commonwealth are showing interest. Georgia State is the only program to tender a scholarship offer.

While neither player has given their recruitment much thought, Snipes gave a hint to where he could be playing college ball.

"I want to play in the SEC," Snipes said.

Nickerson said he favors the ACC. Both agree that they want to find a school where they feel the most comfortable.

"I want to go somewhere that I can play so playing time is going to be important. I want to find somewhere with good people and a good coach," Snipes said.

Says Nickerson: "I want to go somewhere that I get along with the coaching staff and where I'll play and, of course, where education is going to come first."

Finding a home won't be a difficult task for either player. Picking just one of the many that walk through the doors of their school will be the hard part.

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