The Class in Quotes: Offense

The South Carolina Gamecocks just signed a consensus Top 15 recruiting class. presents to you a special look at those players through their own eyes, their coaches' eyes and's eyes! Read inside!

QB Andrew Clifford Wharton HS (Tampa, FL)
Clifford on USC "I fell in love right when I got there. Everything there fits me. I'm just excited to be going to a school that I know I'm going to love the next four to five years and the rest of my life. I'm just ready to go in and play ball and do everything I can to help them win."
Coach on Clifford "Andrew is a good player. He's a student of the game. He's always working to get better. He doesn't know how good he can be. He can be very good. He has a strong arm, and he can put the ball in some tight places. Spurrier says he sees a lot of potential in him and that he can make him a better quarterback." – Wharton Head Coach David Mitchell

RB Jarvis Giles Gaither HS (Tampa, FL)
Giles on Giles "Most running backs have power or speed, but I'm pretty much a versatile type back. I have power, speed, quickness, and explosiveness. I've got the hands to go out in the slot for mismatches. I don't know how to say it, but I'm pretty much a natural. I'm just one step ahead of everybody else. I try to work on my game one step in front of everybody else."
Giles on USC "When I went for my visit... everything just blew me away. I'll be playing for one of the best coaches ever to coach college ball. I'd love to be under his wing. Not too many people can say they played for Steve Spurrier. I can play for a legend, and that's why I chose South Carolina." on Giles "One of the top running backs in the Southeast, Giles hits the whole harder than most any prospect you will see at the high school level. A gamebreaker, leader and smart kid, Giles has enrolled early at USC and will likely make an immediate impact." - Wes Mitchell

RB Ben Axon Manatee HS (Bradenton, FL)
Axon on Axon "I don't go down on first contact. Coaches say I have great feet and that I use my jump cut well. I have speed, moves, everything. My goal is to become the best running back in the state of Florida." (Quote from prior to his senior season) on Axon "A big, physical ball carrier, Axon is a bit of a slasher who gets downhill in a hurry. Doesn't always get squared up quickly, but is able to maintain acceleration and get plus yards. Keeps pads at a good level, protects ball in traffic and does an outstanding job of getting to full speed once he clears 2nd-level traffic. Doesn't have true homerun speed but is very effective within 30-40 yards." – Burke Hayes

WR Alshon Jeffery Calhoun County HS (Saint Matthews, SC)
Coach on Jeffery "He is very special that is the best things I can say to describe him. This kid is something else and I will give you some quotes from a few coaches about Alshon and what they said. Pete Carroll told me that Alshon reminded him of Dwayne Jarrett. Florida State coaches said Dwayne Bowe while Coach Gibson said Alshon reminds him of Randy Moss, This should tell you the type of player he is and the thing is he is a man playing against boys right now. He can take over games all by himself and can dominate if needed." – Calhoun County head coach Walt Wilson on Jeffery "This year's closest thing to Calvin Johnson, Jeffrey is a complete WR. His size alone creates a mis-match and he knows how to use it. Possesses outstanding body control and is able to leverage DBs and seal them off. A jump-ball winner, this skill makes him nearly unstoppable in the red zone. Can turn short routes into TDs from anywhere on the field. Appears to lumber but his stride is just that long." – Burke Hayes

Lamar Scruggs Duncan U. Fletcher HS (Neptune Beach, FL)
Scruggs on Scruggs "Some people say I play like Larry Fitzgerald, which is a real compliment because he's my favorite player. I try to be just like him. I'm number 11 and I even have the dreads like him."
Coach on Scruggs "When I went for my visit... everything just blew me away. I'll be playing for one of the best coaches ever to coach college ball. I'd love to be under his wing. Not too many people can say they played for Steve Spurrier. I can play for a legend, and that's why I chose South Carolina."

"He is a real good kid. He's amazingly supportive of his teammates. Whenever coaches would come in, he would always promote his teammates. A lot of kids self promote, but Lamar always had something good to say about his teammates and always would emphasize how important his teammates are to him." – Duncan U. Fletcher head coach Joe Reynolds
Scruggs on USC "I like Spurrier; I like Spurrier Jr. I just like the way they run their offense. They run a pro-style offense, and I feel like I can fit in that, because I'm a possession-type receiver. And I just feel like there's a lot to their offensive scheme." on Scruggs "Scruggs is a very good looking prospect, nice size and moves like a kid half his size. Very good hands, shows great concentration and getting the ball at its highest point. He is a strong handed kid, reminded me of a lot of a young Larry Fitzgerald. (He) has not even begun to scratch the surface of his true potential. Scruggs has a very high ceiling." - Bob Lichtenfels

WR Charles Holmes South Pointe HS (Rock Hill, SC)
Holmes on Holmes "I like to make plays and have the ball in my hands, and go get it. I love the jump balls."

"Offensively I think I can help them out a lot. I think I can get around a lot and catch balls anywhere and go up and make catches."
Coach on Holmes "He's a great wide receiver. He's a big kid, has strong hands, and can run with it. He's just an all around, good receiver. He's got an incredible vertical jump (38.5 inches). He's got some range, and he's a tall kid with long limbs. He's just a natural athlete. The good Lord looked after him and blessed him with some good ability. He's going to develop into a very good football player."

"He's going to have to learn a lot of those double moves and work to run crisper routes. But being in college where he's going to be able to concentrate on football and not be playing three leagues of basketball, he's going to mature and he'll end up being a great receiver at South Carolina." – South Pointe head coach Bobby Carroll
Holmes on USC "I like the way they use the offense. They get the wide receivers involved a lot, and I just like that."

WR DeMario Bennett Coffee County HS (Douglas, GA)
Bennett on USC "Of course they're going to throw it. And they showed a lot of interest." on Bennett "Bennett is a long, athletic wide receiver that is dangerous with the ball in his hands. He is deceptively quick off the line for as long as his strides are. His acceleration off the line and ability to elevate to catch make him a threat anywhere on the field. He'll need to get stronger in the weight room, and with the added strength, he'll gain confidence going over the middle for catches in traffic." - Scott Kennedy

WR DeAngelo Smith Camden County HS (Kingsland, GA)
Smith on Smith "I am a leader. I always try to lead my teammates."
Coach on Smith "He's been very good for us. He's made a lot of big plays for us since he was a sophomore, and he's a very dependable receiver. He doesn't have a ton of catches because we don't throw it a lot, but he's done a good job of blocking and making plays when we've needed him to. Right now the biggest thing he's lacking is a great deal of experience in the passing game because that's just not been our forte. But he's a very talented kid that has a lot of upside."

"He's always had good hands and has run good routes. The thing we're excited about this year is he's physically matured now. He's pretty good in all areas as a receiver. He's fast and has great hands," he said. "He's certainly the best receiver we've ever had at Camden County. I don't think there's any question of that. He's a pure receiver."- Camden County HS head coach Jeff Herron
Smith on USC "I've been looking at South Carolina since I was young. I've been liking them ever since. I like Steve Spurrier. He's a great coach, and it'll be good to play for him. I feel it's the best place for me since I'm a wide receiver."

OL Nick Allison T C Roberson HS (Asheville, NC)
Allison on Allison "I think I come off the ball real well. I play real aggressive, and I like to think that I have a lot of intensity when I'm playing," he noted. "I'm definitely going to bring everything I've got to South Carolina, and hopefully everybody will like watching me play."
Coach on Allison "He's got great feet and good size. He's strong. He loves to be aggressive. He's an aggressive run blocker that really likes to put people on their back," he said. "He's got a bench press max of 315. His squat is 475. But his most impressive stat is his power clean, which is 320. He broke the school record just a couple weeks ago in the power clean. I've never had an offensive lineman that's been that explosive with power cleans."

"Nick has been a great player for us. He's been a joy to coach. He's a big, strong, aggressive, tough kid that does everything we've ever asked him to do. He started on varsity as a sophomore. He's a big reason why we've been so successful here the last few years, just being able to run right behind him." - TC Roberson HS head coach Jim Beatty
Allison on USC "I've always followed South Carolina, and I've always thought they had a great team. I took a visit there yesterday to meet the coaches and see the campus. I really like the program they have down there. They have a great coaching staff, really nice facilities, and a nice campus. I was really comfortable down there."

OL Rokevious Watkins Georgia Military Academy on Watkins "The big, physical 6-4, 340-pounder helped pave the way for a Bulldogs rushing attack that managed to post over 180 yards a game on the ground." - Scott Eklund

OL Steven Singleton Georgia Military Academy
Singleton on Singleton "I work on my fundamentals the entire practice. I care so much about my fundamentals that I talk to my coach about them all the time. I even stay after practice with him and work on my fundamentals. You can scheme all day, but the fundamentals and effort is what will win a game." on Singleton "South Carolina also nabbed Singleton from the Bulldogs. The solidly built Singleton signed with LSU out of high school and had offers from across the south and was named First Team All-State as a senior. He will have two to play two once he steps on campus in Columbia." - Scott Eklund

Justice Cunningham Central HS (Pageland, SC)
Cunningham on Cunningham "I hope to be a strong blocker. And maybe I can be an effective part of the passing game, too."
Cunningham on USC "It just felt like home, and it felt like it was the right time to do it. I like how everything goes down there. They're working to become a better team and compete for championships."
Coach on Cunningham He's a great player. He's got the size, and he runs good and moves good. We've used him all over the field. On offense we use him as a tight end and put him at fullback sometimes just to block. He also plays some halfback. He's so physical and just really likes contact. We put him wherever we think there's a need for us to hit somebody and keep them out of the way. He does a great job wherever we play him, and he's definitely a big time player."

"It's rare that we have a guy that's a legit Division I player, but he is. He's just an awful good player, and he's an even better kid. He works harder than anybody we've got, and he's a great student. He does everything to the max. You'll never find one that's a better person, a better worker, and a better player than what he is. He deserves everything he can get." – Central HS head coach Joey Mangum on Cunningham "Cunningham is playing on the DL here at the Shrine Bowl, and he may be the best interior DL on the squad. He moves exceptionally well and uses his hands better than most. His athleticism is on display the most when he redirects within the box and makes plays on much quicker and faster RBs. He is also fun to watch in open-field pursuit." – Burke Hayes

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