Houston Enjoys Junior Day Visit

There's no doubt South Carolina is looking to sign a large group of talented offensive lineman in the class of 2010. This weekend many of their top targets were on campus for a junior day. One of those targets is Buford HS (Buford, GA) two-way lineman Kolton Houston. Read inside as GamecockAnthem.com has the full report on the talented jumbo-athlete.

Buford HS (Buford, GA) two-way lineman Kolton Houston had already visited South Carolina four times, but that didn't keep the 6'5", 260-pound standout from making a fifth trip.

Houston along with his parents, grandparents and Buford teammate Duvon Millsap made the three and a half hour trip to Columbia for USC's junior day on Saturday.

"I liked it a lot. I think this was my fifth time going there, so I really didn't expect to learn anything new," he said. "The only actually new thing I saw was the new training room. I did get the chance to talk to their new offensive line coach, Coach Wolford. And I really liked him."

While it was the only thing new he saw, Carolina's new training room made an impression.

"It was definitely really nice," Houston said. "It was definitely state of the art. I was really impressed with it.

"If I was hurt I would be glad to be there," he joked.

Houston was also impressed with the facilities presentation given by Eric Hyman.

"The Garnet Way and stuff, that looked really nice. I was really impressed with that."

Houston says he was greeted by his recruiter of record Shane Beamer when he arrived. He then sat down with Beamer and Spurrier for about 20 minutes.

"We were just talking about Coach Spurrier's past. My grandmother wanted to know if he was a family man. They talked about grand kids. We really didn't talk about football at all. We just talked about life pretty much. It was good to finally actually talk to a college coach not about me and football, but just about life."

Houston was originally offered as a defensive lineman by the Carolina staff, but they have now told him that he can choose which one he would rather play.

"I find myself more familiar on the offense side; I feel more comfortable playing offense. But if a coach thinks I'm better playing defense, I'll play defense. I'll put it that way."

Up next for Houston will be visits to Clemson, Georgia, Auburn and Vanderbilt this spring, because he says he doesn't know a whole lot about those programs. He also could take a junior day visit to Stanford this Saturday.

Houston has offers from South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Clemson, Maryland, Vanderbilt and Stanford.

He broke down some of his thoughts on those programs.

Clemson: "I went to their game...and it was right after Bowden got fired. So I'm thinking, 'I picked the perfect week to come on a visit. I have no idea who the head coach next year will be. Probably half of these coaches won't even be here next year.' So I'm thinking it was going to be a waste of a trip. But when I got there they were very positive about it. They weren't negative about it. They were positive; they were excited about the future. That stood out the most to me."

Georgia Tech: "Obviously, I was raised as a Georgia fan. But when I saw what Coach Johnson has done with that program... It is unbelievable what he has done with that program in just one year. I can't wait to see what he does in his second year when he gets his flow of people in there. And what they have to offer at that school is really incredible. I was really pleased when I went to my Georgia Tech visit."

Maryland: "Honestly, I did not know a lot about Maryland besides they were the first time to be offered by Under Armour. But one of my coaches is good friends with their offensive line coach. So when they offered me I started to look into it and it's definitely a school I want to go to so I can get a feel for it."

Stanford: "They actually offered me, Daunte [Carr] and Storm Johnson. That was like a complete surprise for all three of us. They told us we needed to call the head coach and he put on one heck of a talk. From not even knowing Stanford, and I had no idea about Stanford, he made Stanford seem like it was the place to be."

Vanderbilt: "Ted Cain is the guy there recruiting me; he is their tight ends coach. I have a lot of respect for him. Our quarterbacks coach actually had Coach Cain coach him at North Carolina State. He has things to say about how good of a person he is. And I've just heard like the college life of Vanderbilt just like the city of Nashville is such a great place to live. It's such a wonderful school to go to and I think it's definitely one of those programs on the rise."

South Carolina: "The thing about South Carolina is like how some schools are known for their academics and not football. And some are known for their football, not academics. I think South Carolina is all of those. Like it's known for academics and football. Columbia is a great place to be in. I really like South Carolina."

Houston says he could commit in late May, but only if he believes he has found the school for him by then. Despite really liking South Carolina, the talented lineman isn't ready to name a leader.

"I think I'm starting to get a little closer to (having a leader) and I want to start deciding it, but I haven't right now. I'm still keeping it wide open."

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