Moore has 'Eye-opening' Experience at Jr. Day

Defensive line coach Brad Lawing and the South Carolina Gamecocks are after one of the Tar Heel state's top linebackers in Southeast Raleigh (Raleigh, NC) prospect Kendall Moore. Moore had visited USC before, but got his first chance to take a long look at the school when he attended USC's junior day this weekend. Did the Gamecocks make a move for the talented linebacker? Read inside to find out!

"Oh, I thought it was good," Kendall Moore said of his junior day visit to USC. "I was really impressed. I went up there a couple of times [before], but I never really saw like in-depth the whole weight room and all the other stuff, all the practice facilities. It was real nice. All I know is they definitely showed me something this weekend."

Moore isn't ready to name a leader, or even a top five, but he did admit the Gamecocks gave him something to think about.

"It definitely was eye-opening," he said. "I mean they're not necessarily my leader or anything, but I was real happy with everything that I saw. I talked a lot with the coaches. Coach Spurrier, afterwords, even brought me in his office and I had a long talk with him. He just told me about what they're trying to do and how I could fit in defensively."

Moore says he could barely believe the fact he was actually talking with a college football legend.

"It was crazy," Moore says. "I mean, I've seen him so many times on TV and just everywhere. His football mind is... you can just tell he really knows a lot and he's a really good coach."

Moore also spoke with Ellis Johnson about how he would fit into USC's 4-2-5 alignment. Moore says Johnson just talked about the basics and didn't specify which linebacker spot he would play within the defense.

"I talked a lot with Coach Johnson," he said. "He talked a lot about the defense. And he talked a lot about some of the players that came from my area. I think it was Reggie Bowens and Chris Culliver, they came from Garner High School. We play them every year. He was talking about them and how they were doing. And just the defense and everything, it was pretty good."

The 6-3, 230 pound linebacker also spent time on the visit with his recruiter of record USC defensive line coach Brad Lawing.

"I talked with Coach Lawing; we had a couple of long talks," Moore said. "He told me he wanted me to come back. I was going to stay down there a little bit longer and take a campus tour, but I think I'm just going to come back. He told me he wanted me to come this summer and take it and just just everything out, the whole campus."

Other than the coaches, Moore said he was also impressed with the presentation given at The Zone at Williams Brice Stadium.

"It was great data," he said. "I think it was the Athletic Director that put (the presentation) on. [It had] all the plans they're thinking about doing in the near future. It was real in-depth, and they look like they're really trying to expand the whole thing. I know I saw they have construction going on right now. They just bought out I think it was the Farmer's Market or something, and they're trying to build on it now and just add on."

Moore says he will "definitely" take another visit to South Carolina to see the whole campus, though he doesn't know when that will be.

Up next for the talented linebacker is a junior day trip to Tennessee this weekend. Past that, he says he is just taking it week by week, and doesn't know where else he will visit.

In addition to the South Carolina visit, Moore has also been to N.C. State, Duke and Wake Forest recently. He currently holds eight scholarship offers including tenders from South Carolina, Clemson, NC State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Maryland and West Virginia.

While he is open to everyone, he is currently trying to hedge his list down to a top five in the next few weeks. He broke down the things that he is looking for in those five programs.

"I'm definitely looking at the overall defense that they run. If they don't run the defense that I think I can be included in then that's definitely going to take them out. Also, I'm just looking at the overall chemistry with the coaches and just the school. Also, I've been doing some research on what I plan on majoring in. I think I'm going to major in business, so [I'm] just looking [at] a lot on that. Just trying to see out of all three of those which (school) can accommodate those."

Moore says that so far the Gamecocks fit what he is looking for.

"I mean (the visit) definitely helped them out, because I'm going through a little bit of a weeding process now just trying to see who is going to be in my final group. They definitely passed one of my first tests. They've definitely got a good chance of being in my final top group I'm evaluating."

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