Busy Summer for Creecy

Southern HS (Durham, NC) versatile athlete Tony Creecy is one of the top performers in the state of North Carolina. Once considered a lock to the in-state Wolfpack, do the Gamecocks have a shot to convince Creecy to head south? Read inside to find out as Creecy spoke to GamecockAnthem.com.

Southern HS (Durham, NC) wide receiver/running back Tony Creecy is one of the most versatile athletes in the entire state of North Carolina's class of 2010. And at one time, the 6-0, 190-pound athlete seemed like a lock to the in-state North Carolina State Wolfpack.

But after much debate, Creecy decided he wasn't quite ready to make that important decision and commit to the Pack.

"I guess, they've been so high on my list for so long, because they were the first school to offer me, the first school to actually get on me," he said. "So, you know your first team you always stick with them for some reason. Since then I've got a lot of other schools talking to me, so it's been kind of changed now talking to other coaches and they've been telling me what they want to do with me, so it's kind of changed."

Despite his decision to look around at other options, Creecy says the Wolfpack are still out front for his services.

"They're still the leader," he said. "And I've got a top three, which is NC State, Duke and Wake Forest. But I think I take other visits to schools and learn more about other schools, the order might change. Other schools might jump in and schools might drop. So, I just can't wait to go around to these schools and see what they really have to offer me."

One of the schools he plans to check out is South Carolina. Creecy has a visit set up for June 10. USC defensive line coach Brad Lawing is one of many coaches who came by Southern HS to check up on Creecy.

"A lot of coaches [have been by]," Creecy says. "I didn't actually get to talk to the coach from South Carolina, because I was in my honors English 3 class - I can't miss much of that class. But I did I called him on the phone and we had a good conversation then."

Creecy, who grabbed 48 passes for 863 yards and five touchdowns, plus rushed for three scores during his junior campaign, says just the fact USC came by his school is important to him.

"Once you send me an offer, I don't really in the offer unless you come to the school because that means their sending me basically a blind offer," he said. "But once they offered and then he come to the school, that really showed me that they really have interest in me, so I really like that. I also know they're a real good program, so that's a real good plus too."

The versatile athlete has never visited the USC campus before. But he has learned about the Gamecock program from a current USC player originally from his part of North Carolina.

"I know it's a good program because I played against Weslye Saunders that goes there, and I've heard him talk about how it's a good school, how he loves it," he said. "So I know it' s a good school. If he likes it, most likely I'll like it, because we came from the same place; we did the same things every week. If he likes it I think I have a very good chance of really liking it."

Creecy has a busy summer ahead as Columbia is hardly the only destination he plans to visit. LSU, Ohio State, Oregon, Ole Miss and Stanford will all get unofficial visits from "Mr. Everything," as Southern head coach Adrian Jones calls him.

Creecy, along with his teammates, will also make the drive to Byrnes, SC for a National 7-on-7 tournament that will feature some of the top talent in the country.

After a wild summer, Creecy will take all five of his official visits. He says right now LSU, Ohio State, Oregon and Ole Miss will likely get the first four, but he doesn't know who will get the fifth.

Creecy says all the programs recruiting him want to use him the same way.

"They really want for me to play receiver and running back both," he said. "They said that once I get the ball in my hands that I can do a couple of different things with the ball that will help my school productively."

Creecy plans to make a decision at a National All-Star game if he is invited, or on National Signing Day.

While he doesn't know where he'll end up playing his college ball, Creecy knows exactly what he wants to find in the college he ultimately chooses.

"The first thing is my education," he said. "Because every kids dream is to make the NFL, but the NFL [career] is not long, so I'm not going to have a long time to spend in the NFL. But I really want to fall back on a real good, stable education that can get me a real big-time job, and I can maintain a nice family. And next a real good coaching staff, because a coaching staff is really important. They can't play on the field, but they can teach you more of how to play football and how to be a man, and how to be a community person. I really want to help the community out a lot. And next is a good football team."

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