It's Time To Dream - A Gamecock Wish List

With the big recruiting weekend just around the corner it's time to put our index fingers under our chins, tilt our heads to the sky while striking a wishful pose and start thinking about what might be. So we polled our staff, read the boards and studied The Hotsheet to come up with our wish list of prospects we would really like to see signed and committed. These are the players, that when added to our current solidly committed prospects, would make both you and us very very happy ...

... and that's not to say we want to neglect anyone. We already have more than a dozen strongly committed prospects who have made us happier than a rooster in the hen house, or a pig in mud, or a ... well, you get the picture. But these are the ones still slightly undecided perhaps, still making us wait, that we would like to see become Gamecocks. We expect big news from many of these in the very near future.

Doug Langenfeld - this guy is so good he has two nicknames. "The Blur" and "The Creature." We just want him to become "The Gamecock." Talk about a big guy that can run! Out of the mold of Jevon Kearse and John Abraham. And goodness knows we need another rush end to help pressure opposing QBs this coming season. Lagenfeld dumping his visit to Florida and deciding to come in for our big weekend this weekend is a good sign. A really good sign.

Demetris Summers - almost enough said. Except for the fact that Summers may be a playmaker at tailback that we did not have last season. We covet him, and we realize that is a sin, but what the heck. Best of all it really looks like "Meat" is going to be a Gamecock. Big Five all the way and then some.

Syvelle Newton - brings visions of a Michael Vick/Tony Rice type athlete to our heads. He's got a cannon for an arm and can run like a gazelle. Plus he is a competitor, he hates to lose. And he is another of the remaining Big Five instate players that we want to wrap-up in Garnet & Black.

Eric Young - maybe the most coveted of the Big Five although most won't admit that they love this big ugly more than any other. Signing Eric would make a small offensive line class look big. He is the kind of talent that can anchor a line and dominate for the next four years. Perhaps another Travelle Wharton type talent that we just cannot resist.

Ryan Brown - is a stud. We need this guy to fill out what is already one of the finest linebacker classes in the country. Brown is a player that could make a difference down the road. And the beauty of this is that he would not need to contribute right away. He could hone his skills and ease into All-SEC status in the not-so-distant future. He's a Big Fiver for sure.

Noah Whiteside - if you've seen him play in person then you understand why he makes this list. One of the Big Five that we want to stay home by signing with us in Columbia. And he is another that we feel really good about. A dyed in the wool playmaker with attitude. You're not going to believe how good he might be ... and we really believe he is going to be a Gamecock.

Tremaine Billie - may not be a Big Fiver but he is certainly an attachment. Billie is rugged and fast and could really contribute in a big way in Ryan Brewer's old position. Imagine someone of Billie's size running a 4.48 lining up in the slot or sliding over into the tailback position from time to time! Whoa! Maybe we should call them the Big Six? Billie is one of the bigger "IFs" on this list but we are keeping our fingers crossed.

Raymond Edwards - he's so tall we had to cut part of his head off to get him in the picture above. We can't help but like a guy who is 6-6 240 and runs a 4.6 forty. Put another 40 pounds on this young man and cut him some slack by allowing him to slow to a 4.7 and you've got yourself a weapon. There is something brewing with Edwards too. He has backed off of his Purdue commitment and now has South Carolina and the Boilermakers running neck-and-neck.

Brian Staley - okay so maybe we are screwing around with our karma here and taking a long shot by placing Staley on this list? What if, eeek gads .... but what if he signs with Clemson? Well, if he does then we will wish him well but in the meantime we're confident that this is still a two way race and we're closing strong to the finish line. Get our drift?

Blake Mitchell - although we all know that he has reassured us that he is once again strongly committed to the Gamecocks, we want that in stone after this weekend. No more visits Blake. Pleaasse? Perhaps the most popular dream prospect on the list for many Gamecock fans, Mitchell has an aura about him that reminds us of another tall lanky kid from out-of-state some ten to eight years ago?

Charles Silas - and let him not take offense at being this far down the list because Charles is one of the more wished for prospects among Gamecock fans. We shuttered at the thought of him signing with the piggies but we are now fairly sure he is going to be a Gamecock as originally planned. This weekend will tell the story but it really looks good for our Gamecocks.

Alan Abrams - is that speedy little back from Florida who we really like a lot. He seemed to have a good time this past weekend but like the smart young man that he is he is playing it close to the vest. We've been checking around, watching a little video here and there and we've decided to dream about signing him. We hope that's okay with Alan. We need all the playmakers like him that we can sign.

Emmanual Harrell - one of the LaGrange prospects who is a playmaker in his own right. Big and fast and best of all ... he and Mitchell have chemistry. Questions abound about Harrell, but we would like to sign him anyway and then roll the dice from there. He is a big time talent.

Richard Kittrell - a defensive lineman with a major upside. We're starting to think we might finish strong with the interior defensive lineman and something about that makes us feel warm and fuzzy all over. Add Kittrell to Darrell Shropshire and you have to admit that would make anyone have happy dreams.

Cedric Boone - as if Shropshire and Kittrell weren't enough imagine signing Boone to boot! Oh man, what a sweet dream this is turning out to be. Between those three they tip the scales at almost 900 pounds! Now add those to our returning interior defensive linemen and we are talking a serious upgrade in our interior DL depth boys and girls.

Add the ones above to the prospects already firmly committed or enrolled and we believe this might be the class to use as the yardstick in future seasons. It fills our needs with quality talent and the numbers are just about right to make it all work on signing day.

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