Brantley Enjoys Showcase

Mt. Zion Christian Academy (Durham, NC) WR Tehvyn Brantley's tour around the country may be over. Brantley attended his final camp of a whirlwind tour Saturday when he participated in the Gamecock Showcase Camp. Read inside as has the full report.

There may not be a player in the country who has been to more prospect camps or worked harder in an attempt to pick up offers than Mt. Zion Christian Academy (Durham, NC) WR Tehvyn Brantley. Brantley has crossed state line after state line going to camp after camp, impressing at every stop along the way.

What the 5-8, 165-pound playmaker lacks in stature he makes up in swagger. Never doubting his own ability, Brantley has found few cornerbacks across the country that can consistently cover him. His elite change of direction and soft hands prompted four-star Manning cornerback John Fulton to call him the best receiver he's ever seen. first got a look at Brantley when he impressed onlookers and took home the MVP award at the Charlotte Combine.

The talented receiver had stated Florida's Friday Nights Lights would be the last camp of his whirlwind tour. But always a competitor, Brantley decided to make one last stop, at the Gamecock Showcase Camp in Columbia.

Brantley again didn't disappoint.

"As it's shown at every camp, it don't stop, I dominate every camp I've been to and this one wasn't any different," the always confident Brantley said. "This being my last camp, I think I went even harder. All the coaches liked me. The coach asked for my phone number, so I think they're going to keep in contact with me."

Brantley nearly didn't make the trip. But never one to turn down an opportunity, he pushed through and got to Columbia.

"The trip was kind of funny because we just got in at 7 o'clock this morning from Friday Night Lights," he said. "So, we took a little nap; my dad got up kind of late. We got up and we drove down here. The trip was good, it doesn't take but about an hour from Charlotte. The facilities are getting better and better each time I come down. They're working on a new locker room, so that's a good look. The field, it's a beautiful field, and the experience is just good all together."

Brantley says he enjoyed working with wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier, Jr. The Gamecock coach told him they would be taking a closer look at his game.

"They said they're going to evaluate me a little bit more," Brantley said. "And they said if they're going to offer they'll (let me know)."

Despite his excellent camp performances, Brantley's lack of height and average forty times have hurt him. Though Brantley is as quick as anyone you'll find in a short distance, his top-end speed doesn't translate into the forty-yard dash time some are looking for.

Still, Brantley's hard work has paid off as he has an offer from the in-state North Carolina Tar Heels. He says if no more offers come in soon, he will be accepting that offer.

"In the next two or three weeks I will be making a commitment if nobody else comes through," he says. "Because I don't want to lose a scholarship. I've been everywhere, so if a school wanted to offer me they would have done so by now. Me and my dad are trying to set up a little media thing, since I might not be able to go to the Army or Under Armour game, so we're trying to get some media so I can make a big announcement for everybody to see."

And if South Carolina offers before then? He says they'll have a chance.

"If somebody [else] does offer," he says, "I will give everybody the perfect opportunity. Then I would really sit down and take official visits and get to know the coaches a little bit more and see how the environment is and if I like it more."

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