Here Is Your Guide To Our Big Weekend

Our Big Weekend if finally here. If you've been reading The Hotsheet then you are aware that our numbers are dwindling and scholarships are now at a premium. All remaining scholarships are golden. We are not going to fill them all this weekend but we will know where we stand by Tuesday. And with that in mind we now attempt to break-down who is remaining on the board, what positions still need to be filled, and who the most likely candidates are to fill those spots ...

First we begin with the numbers. As we stated in November we expect our coaches to actually sign 31, place 4 and enroll 27. Darrell Shropshire, Fred Bennett, Mike Rathe, Marcus Lawrence and D'Von Hill are already enrolled. That leaves room to sign another 26 - four of which would be placed.

We will not speculate which four will be placed but instead we'll shoot for 26 of the remaining 38 prospects on the list that in our opinions would benefit the depth chart the most. Note, these do not include the five already enrolled.

We include comments on the class balance across the board with each position analysis.

Quarterbacks (2)

Blake Mitchell and Syvelle Newton. We want both. Newton and Mitchell have their own individual strengths and weaknesses. But by signing both of them we will have a QB in each class beginning with Pinkins (RJr) right on down to the true freshmen. This is what the quality programs do.

Tailbacks (4)

Tremaine BillieDemetris Summers, Cory Boyd and either Tremaine Billie and Alan Abrams. Boyd could be moved to corner or safety eventually but he is going to receive a serious shot at the tailback position first and we'll honor that here in our list as well. (He may be reading.) Billie and/or Abrams would be great pick-ups as utility backs playing Ryan Brewer's old position where they could line up either in the slot or at tailback.

Tight Ends (1)

David Laggis is already committed. Now all we need to do is sign him and enroll him.

Offensive Linemen (2)

Eric YoungWe have to admit that we are stumped on this one. Eric Young we are counting as ours. But we need to sign at least one, maybe two, more. We have no idea whatsoever who the other two will be. Palmoore, Overmyer, Brown, Telfort. Take your pick of one and keep your fingers crossed. One thing to remember ... we signed six last season and five of those red-shirted.

Wide Receivers (4)

Noah WhitesideNoah Whiteside is number one. David Smith, Derrick Harper and Travis Lee make this one of our finest WR classes in history. And do not forget, D'Von Hill is already in school.

Defensive Tackles (2)

Stanley Doughty is committed and may go down and the sneak sleeper of the class. Remaining on the board are Cedric Boone, Richard Kittrell, Freddy Saint Preaux and Warren Gooden. So out of the last four mentioned we need one more commitment. Remember Darrell Shropshire is already enrolled.

Defensive Ends (3)

Doug LangenfeldCharles Silas is committed thankfully. Doug Langenfeld would have to be the next one on the list. Get a commitment from Langenfeld this weekend and that would be reason to jump for joy. Then start looking at the rest from the list of Vince Redd, Josh Johnson and Raymond Edwards.

Linebackers (3)

Ryan Brown is important to us. He is one we would love see commit and cancel his visit to Florida after this weekend. DeAdrian Coley and Ricky Grant are next although we are hearing some worrying talk about Grant that has us crossing our fingers on this semester's grades. All three mentioned should be Gamecocks if all goes as planned. Marcus Lawrence is already enrolled.

Cornerbacks (3)

Tyler Erving is committed and has stuck by that commitment since November. Here we go ... this will probably be of the most watched positions over the course of the next two weeks. We need at least two more commitments from the following players. Lionel Green, Brian Staley and Adrian Griffin. Fred Bennett is already enrolled.

Spurs (1)

Tray Rogers is committed. We have not offered Tim Strickland at this point that we know of.

Safeties/Free Safeties (1)

Cody Wells is committed. Maurice Nelson has been offered and is coming in for a visit. Note, a lot of schools projected Cory Boyd as a Free Safety.

Kickers (n/a)

We have offered a preferred walk-on to a local kicker. He may decide to visit FSU and UNC; He is a soccer player. Local soccer player ... that's all we are really at liberty to write at the moment.

That's 26 total combining each various position. That would balance our depth chart and fill it with superior talent across the board. And it is important to scour The Hotsheet and reach an understanding of the returning talent at each position as well as the early enrollees to completely comprehend the current status of our depth chart for the upcoming season. Signing the above 26 would be huge but even then four of these listed would have to be placed in order to not over-enroll this class.

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