Our Crystal Ball Final Class Ranking

The only thing that matters is how this class performs four years from now right? Wrong. Some members of this incoming class will be asked to contribute right away. And others will be asked to contribute in two years, others in three, and so on. So how does the star ranking work and how should we finish nationally in overall class rankings? ...

The star system is an inexact science. Too often it is based upon reported size and speed, bloated stats against questionable competition, or reputation alone.

Here at The Insiders our recruiting gurus take great care to watch as much video as possible. Jamie Newberg alone receives scores of video at his request that he uses on his Countdown To Signing Day show. As a matter of fact, we feel confident in saying, Jamie Newberg probably watches more video on more recruits than most college recruiters.

Other notables who are well known for watching tons of tape are Tom Lemming and Max Emfinger. And our own Russ Perry sees a lot of high school football games in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia and is allowed substantial input. We trust their judgement and rankings as well.

But in addition to watching video, you have to depend upon other factors before attempting to assign a star rating. Let's look at all of the factors and attempt to put some order to the madness. The entire process has made great strides in the past few years.

1 - Size, Weight, Speed, Ability, Agility, Quickness (Nike Combine Participant A Plus).
2 - Who else has offered and extended visit invitations?
3 - What sort of competition/classification in high school?
4 - Video ... lots of video.
5 - Feedback from field sources and well established scouts.
6 - Feedback from reputable high school coaches, both theirs and their competitors' coaches. Coaches who have placed a number of players in D-1 programs in particular.
7 - Stats, honors, accomplishments, milestones ... a show of a competitve nature.

5 Stars - Should contribute as a true freshman.
4 Stars - Should contribute as a rs freshman.
3 Stars - Should contribute as a sophomore.
2 Stars - Should contribute as a junior.
1 Star  - Should contribute as a senior.

Now we'll look at where we stand with our current commitments, and where we should stand after landing some notable commitments in the coming weeks. We will also surmise our possible final class ranking.

Presently, as of Saturday night 18 January 2002, we have committed the 14th highest ranked class in the United States according to The Insiders. We have 19 commitments with a total star rating of 57 points for a 3 average.

7 - Two Stars
7 - Three Stars
3 - Four Stars
2 - Five Stars

We're going to sign somewhere in the neighborhood of 31 prospects total.

Best Case Scenario:

Looking Good ... (Group 1)

Demetris Summers - 5 Stars *(1)
Eric Young - 5 Stars
Noah Whiteside - 4 Stars *(10)
Ryan Brown - 4 Stars *(18)
Syvelle Newton - 4 Stars *(17)
Adrian Griffin - 4 Stars *(13)


50-50 but with potential to commit and sign ... (Group 2)

Doug Langenfeld - 4 Stars
Freddy Saint Preaux - 4 Stars
Alan Abrams - 3 Stars
James Townsend - 3 Stars
David Overmyer - 3 Stars
Woodly Telfort - 3 Stars (With four to play three.)
Richard Kittrell - 3 Stars
Cedric Boone - 3 Stars
Raymond Edwards - 3 Stars
Vince Redd - 3 Stars
Josh Johnson - 1 Star


Longshots ... (Group 3)

Lionel Green - 5 Stars
Maurice Nelson - 4 Stars
Brian Staley - 4 Stars

So with our current 19 commitments averaging 3 stars. Add (Group 1) and that would take us to 25 commitments averaging (83/25=3.32) 3.32 stars. But we would still need to add another six commitments from groups 2 & 3. So take the average of those two groups (3.53 x 6) and add that to our 3.32 average after adding (Group 1).

31 commitments, 104.18 total points = 3.36 average star rating per commitment.

So where would that leave us in the final Insiders' National Team Rankings?

Currently we are ranked 14th overall, but the *total rankings are not based completely upon a *Star Rating average alone. Instead the *Star Rating average is combined with the overall *Avg Position Ranking of each player and, in the case of The Insiders, there is a subjective measure added by the combined input of the recruiting gurus based upon how position needs were filled.

With all of that in mind, and considering the fact that there are currently 13 teams ranked ahead of us heading into the final three weeks of the recruiting season. We predict a final National Ranking of 10th if all goes well and we sign the player we believe we are going to sign and enroll ... understanding that we will place four (4) out of 31.

Total *: Total number of stars for verbal commitments, Non-Ranked Players were estimated.
Avg *: Average stars per player committed
Avg. Rank *: Average player rank for each player at each position. Non Ranked players were estimated. Kickers and Punters are not included because the small number of players at the positions skews the rankings.

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