Exit Interview With Ryan Brown

He went to Columbia a slight lean toward the Gamecocks. But how did he leave Columbia? Who was his host? What did he eat? What did he do? ...

"I had a great trip!" Ryan Brown told The Insiders Sunday. "My host was my cousin Jabari Levey and he showed me a good time. We went to two different parties."

"We didn't go to the basketball game but we watched it on TV. The lost. But that doesn't really affect me because I'm not really a basketball fan."

"I did not commit this weekend but I am still a slight lean to South Carolina. Of course I haven't visited Ohio State of Florida yet so that could change. My recruiter at Florida is Coach Fedora. My recruiter at South Carolina is Coach Cosh."

Q: Of the big five in South Carolina, how did all of you get along this weekend? (Summers, Whiteside, Young, Brown, Newton.)

A: "We got along great and talked about a lot of things. I didn't see nothin' but smiles all weekend. We all had a great time. Right now I would say no one knows about me. I'm just not sure yet. But as far as the other four go I think three of them will be Gamecocks and probably all four. Maybe all five."

Brown said he is 6-2, 240 and runs a legit 4.50. He benches 400 and squats 475.

He is fully qualified with a 2.9 GPA and 1080 SAT.

"We ate steaks at the banquet and they were good," he said in finishing. "And my Mom likes South Carolina or Florida equally. She's going to leave it up to me."

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