Gamecocks postpone scrimmage

The Gamecocks were scheduled to scrimmage at Williams-Brice Stadium on Saturday afternoon, but their plans were altered after a long, late afternoon storm. The rainy weather along with the fact that the players and staff were to attend the Letterman's dinner later in the evening forced Coach Steve Spurrier to postpone the scrimmage until Sunday at 3:00 p.m.

"We were out getting ready to scrimmage and a big downpour came that lasted about an hour. We decided to do it tomorrow. We're going to scrimmage tomorrow at 3:00 and try to get a lot of plays in and so forth," Spurrier told the media on Saturday. "(We) just felt like the players were getting stiff, and (we) didn't want to tear up the field too badly and take the chance of someone getting hurt out there. It just made sense to wait and do this tomorrow."

According to Spurrier, the Gamecock players were going to get a workout in the weight room before keeping with the agenda to meet with the South Carolina Letterman for dinner that evening.

"We're going to meet with the lettermen; our players are in the weight room now getting a quick workout doing a little lifting and trying to break a little sweat since we didn't do much today," Spurrier noted. "Then we'll meet with the lettermen and eat with those guys and have a little fellowship with the letterman here at South Carolina."

The rescheduling of the scrimmage to Sunday won't have a substantial impact on the Gamecocks' progress, Spurrier declared.

"We weren't going to do anything tomorrow, so we'll switch it to then."

Even though the forecast doesn't look too promising for Sunday, Spurrier said he hopes the Gamecocks will be able to move forward and get some work in.

"The weather tomorrow is about like today's. Today it was only 40% (chance of rain), and we thought it was a passing shower but it sort of sat right over Williams-Brice," he said. "Obviously in the regular season we would play in this, but we don't have to practice in it, so it just didn't make sense to go out there today with (the weather) like that."

Spurrier refutes article that claims Gamecocks are practicing "soft"

Spurrier proceeded to address a recent article written by the local media regarding the physicality of the Gamecocks' practices.

"For the local people that get to read the local paper, I want to say that the article today about us practicing soft is incorrect," Spurrier said emphatically.

The Head Ball Coach stated that he's conducted his practices in the same manner over the course of his entire career as a head coach and that his history of success should speak for itself.

"I've been a head coach for 15 years in college before I came (to South Carolina). We practice physical; we don't try to hurt our teammates. I've been doing that my whole career for 20 years-trying to protect teammates," he said. "We don't get guys hurt, and we've been pretty successful doing that. "

Spurrier went on to express his displeasure with the article's assertion by guaranteeing that the team is practicing no differently than all of the teams he has been in charge of during his time as a head coach.

"We're practicing here just like our teams did at Florida, (just like) our teams did at Duke, and everywhere I've coached," Spurrier insisted.

USC's fifth-year head coach said he went so far as to contact one of his former pupils, who is now doing very well as a head coach himself, to inquire how he conducts practices.

"I talked to (Oklahoma Head Coach) Bobby Stoops today and I said, ‘By the way, do you take care of your players in practice like we do?'. (Stoops) said, ‘Of course we do, we tell them to pull off if a player is in a vulnerable position.'

"Players getting hurt in practice is not associated with being physical. It only makes sense to take care of your players in practice, and we're going to do that." Spurrier said before emphatically stating, "We do have tough practices. I want our fans to know that we're practicing physically, but we're also taking care of our teammates."


- According to sources close to the program, walk-on players fullback John Guerry, cornerback Cedrick Snead, and cornerback Brandan Davis have been awarded scholarships for the upcoming season.

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