Gamecocks vs. Bulldogs: Inside the Numbers

Leading up to a game and especially after kickoff, most South Carolina Gamecock fans are looking for any signs they can find, or information they can get, that increases their confidence that their team is going to win. Read below for an in-depth look inside the numbers for the Georgia game. These statistics will be a guide on game day for the Gamecocks' chances to be victorious in Athens.

Note: The statistics provided are a reflection of the Georgia Bulldogs' record only under the leadership of Coach Mark Richt. All statistics have been provided by the Georgia sports information department.

Things The Gamecocks Need To Avoid

* When Georgia rushes for over 100 yards they are 69-13
* When Georgia rushes for over 200 yards they are 17-2
* If the Bulldogs have a 100 yard rusher they are 37-3
* If the Bulldogs pass for over 300 yards they are 17-4
* If the Bulldogs tally more than 400 yards of total offense then they are 41-4
* If the Bulldogs allow less than 100 yards rushing they are 45-3
* When Georgia allows less than 300 yards of total offense they are 51-5
* If the Bulldogs score first they are 63-9
* If Georgia leads at the half they are 63-6
* If the Bulldogs lead after the 3rd quarter they are 71-4 * If Georgia scores more than 18 points they are 71-7
* If the Georgia defense allows less than 20 points they are 60-7

Signs That Things Are Going The Gamecocks Way

* If Georgia's opponent scores first, the Bulldogs are 19-14
* If the Bulldogs trail at halftime they are 16-16
* If Georgia is trailing after the 3rd quarter they are 7-19
* If the Georgia offense scores less than 18 points they are 11-16
* If the Georgia defense gives up 20+ points they are 18-10
* If the Georgia defense gives up 30+ points they are 4-8
* If the Bulldogs rush for less than 100 yards they are 13-10
* If the Georgia defense allows 400+ yards of offense then they are 6-8
* If Georgia 's opponent has a 100 yard rusher then they are 12-10
* When the Bulldogs lose the turnover battle they are 7-8

Other Statistics of Interest

* Georgia 's overall record is 82-23
* Georgia 's overall record in the SEC is 48-19
* The Bulldogs record at home is 42-9
* The Bulldogs record in night games is 22-8
* The Bulldogs record versus SEC East opponents is 27-13
* Georgia's record in September is 26-5

From a Gamecock perspective, one can look at the statistics above and certainly see some opportunities for success. If the Gamecocks can accomplish just a few of those things such as: score first, lead at the half, hold Georgia to less than 18 points, score more than 20, win the turnover battle, and have a running back rush for 100 yards, then they statistically will have a legitimate chance to be victorious on Saturday night.

The Gamecock football team is certainly talented enough to accomplish these things. Knowing that the last time they were in Athens they left victorious should also help the Gamecocks as well. To have done something before (and recently) is invaluable and a tremendous confidence booster for the Gamecock players and coaching staff.

That memory is also crystal clear in the Bulldogs' minds as well. A reminder that the Gamecocks are no push over. A reminder that they have been beaten before and can be beaten again. The Gamecocks have a great opportunity to turn up that pressure again this Saturday and cause doubt to creep into the minds of the Georgia Bulldogs.

So as your watching the game on Saturday night, keep these statistics in mind. Even though statistics will never be a determining factor in any ball game, they are a good indicator of what the chances for your team might be.

Of course the one thing that statistics can't measure or quantify is heart and effort. If the Gamecocks bring the type of inspired effort to the field on Saturday night that Gamecock Nation knows they can, then these statistics might not mean all that much in the end. The Gamecocks might just take matters into their own hands and record the only stat that really matters when all is said and done. A victory over the Georgia Bulldogs!

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