Moe Brown: "We Just Need To Finish"

Moe Brown has quietly waited his turn to be a leader at South Carolina, but don't let his laid back personality fool you. Brown is all business, and relishes the opportunity he has to lead the Gamecocks as they forge the blueprint for a "New Carolina." Now a member of a small senior class, Brown knows whose team this is, and he doesn't mince words about it. "This is our team now!"

The senior class for the Gamecocks is rather small this year. If you ask Brown if that is a problem, he will quickly tell you it's not. Brown said, "It only takes one person to lead. If you've got the right people saying the right things and people believing in it, then you can have leadership with a few number of people."

Having a small core group of leaders for the Gamecocks may be a good thing. At times in the past it has seemed there have been as the old saying goes, ‘too many chiefs and not enough indians.'

Unified leadership isn't the only thing that has been lacking over the past few years with Gamecock football.

During Brown's time at South Carolina, it's the offense that has always seemed to lag behind the defense. It's certainly not what many expected to be the case when Steve Spurrier took the reins of the program.

However, there have been signs of improvement where the offense is concerned this season. "As far as the offense, we are definitely taking steps in the right direction," Brown says.

While improvement has been seen this year, it's also easy to see that the offense has not reached its full potential either. "It's little plays here and there that are not quite executed to perfection" Brown says. "As far as moving the ball, we are doing well. We just need to finish."

This concept of ‘finishing' is definitely the catalyst of the "New Carolina."

"One of the things we've been talking about is finishing," says Brown. "We look at every game with the opportunity to get better."

Brown says, "We definitely want to finish every game and finish the season as well, but finishing every game will kind of take care of the season."

There have been times already this season when that mentality of finishing has been challenged. Several times in fact. The Gamecocks finished the deal in Raleigh to start the season. They fought back from a double digit deficit to have a chance to win the game in the final seconds at Georgia. They turned up the heat after sleep walking through the second quarter against FAU to soundly defeat them, and they did what no Gamecock team before them had done in beating a top 5 opponent at home last week against Ole Miss.

So what's different this year? Brown states, "We know something is going to go bad in a game, that's just the nature of the game we play. We're going to focus on how we respond to it. We aren't going to get in the dumps about it, we're going to respond and hit them back in the mouth."

This Saturday, the Gamecocks play host to the SC State Bulldogs, another opponent they should handle, and handle easily. But don't tell Brown that. He says that's not how this Gamecock team operates.

"When you get caught up in who you're playing and where you're playing and how you're playing, that's where you start stumbling at. So we're just going to focus on what we have to do and make sure that we're doing it to perfection and getting better at it."

Brown realizes it would be easy to fall back into the ways of past teams at South Carolina, and he realizes that many fans are pessimistic about the so called "New Carolina." He realizes that seeing is believing and knows the Gamecocks still have a lot to prove.

Brown states, "It's easy to get back into that mindset of that old Carolina of the ‘Here we go again' type of mentality. That's not the mentality this year, it's not the ‘Here we go again.' It's more, ‘It's not happening to us this year.' We're going to get through this, we're going to finish it and we're going to find a way to win. That's pretty much the mentality of our team right now."

When asked after the landmark win versus the Ole Miss Rebels, does he always smile like that? Brown said, "I'm always smiling, that's what I do."

If Brown and the Gamecocks continue to take things one game at a time, playing with an expectation to win, and finishing the job, then there will be a lot of smiling faces across Gamecock Nation.

Not only that, but the dawn of a new day may be smiling down on Gamecock football.

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