Brantley has big time in Columbia

The South Carolina Gamecocks are in search of a few speedy playmakers to complement their array of taller receivers on the roster, and one prospect who could fill that void is Mt. Zion (Durham, NC) two-star prospect Tehvyn Brantley. Look inside as Brantley discusses his recent trip to South Carolina, his official visits, and more in this recruiting update from

The South Carolina Gamecocks played host to their biggest group of prospects this season as many of their top targets were on hand for their clash with the top-rated Florida Gators.

One prospect who made the short trip with his father from Charlotte to Columbia is Mt. Zion (Durham, NC) wide receiver Tehvyn Brantley. Brantley witnessed, along with a sellout Williams-Brice Stadium crowd, as South Carolina honored those who have been injured doing battle for our country, and the Gamecocks fell to the Gators 24-14 in a heartbreaking defeat.

"It was great, I had a great time there," he said. "It was a great game first of all. That was the first thing [that stood out]. It was a great game, great fans, it was very electrifying there."

Brantley is known for electrifying crowds himself. The 5-8, 165-pound prospect has become somewhat of a camp legend in recruiting circles due to his ability to make defensive backs look bad in one-on-one situations at camps across the country. Brantley believes he could bring his talents to the South Carolina offense and help out a lot.

"I know for sure I would have caught that slant, to start it off," he said. "But you know, it was just a good look, because they stay on the field like I said with three receivers, and their slot receiver it looked like they've had to put like a 6-7 guy there, and that's not gonna work. You know, you need a fast guy there that can just make plays and find the holes, that Wes Welker type guy."

Brantley wasn't only impressed with what he saw on the field.

"The overall program is family oriented. They stress that a lot -- being a family," he said. "They stress that a lot. So being a family is most important. Going away from home, it's going to important that I can just go to my coaches and go to certain people and be able to talk about certain situations. I can't just run home to my mom and dad."

Brantley was also impressed with the facilities and support system that would be available to him if he chose South Carolina. On his visit, he was shown the future plans for around the stadium and the new Dodie Anderson Academic Center which will open later this year.

"They're actually building more stuff," he said. "They actually said they're building to try to make their stadium look like it's on campus, so that's going to be good. They're building another area for all their tutors where all of them are going to be in that one building, too."

Brantley is being recruited for the Gamecocks by Steve Spurrier, Jr, and he says he has formed a solid relationship with the Gamecocks' wide receivers coach.

"He's a real down-to-earth dude," Brantley says. "He wanted to be more concerned about my family. He actually before I even sign he wants to talk to my mom and to my dad just about how they're a family down there and they have nothing to worry about. He really takes his wide receivers very serious. He's going to tell you when you're doing bad, and he's going to tell you when you're doing good. So, that's good, you don't need to be pampered all the time."

Brantley says that South Carolina is waiting on his transcripts, and that an offer from the Gamecocks could be forthcoming once those check out.

"That's what it basically came down to," Brantley said of the transcripts. "He wants me to be a Gamecock. He wants me to able to clear and get in in January."

Brantley's transcripts were sent out this week, and it should only be a matter of time, before schools are able to process them. Brantley says his academic advisor has talked with him at length and has assured him that his grades are ready to go. Other than the Gamecocks, Brantley says UNC, Auburn, Tennessee, Oregon and a few other Pac 10 schools will receive them.

Brantley at one time appeared to be a lock to play for the in-state Tar Heels. He picked up an offer from UNC after impressing at a late June two-day camp and appeared ready to commit soon after. But that commitment never happened.

"I don't seem like they're recruiting me as hard as I would like them to be," Brantley said of UNC. "They don't show as much interest. See, South Carolina, they call more than North Carolina, and they haven't even offered yet. So I'm just waiting to see what's really going to happen. I'm ready to take these officials; I'm going to set them up by this week, after these transcripts go out, and I see if any more schools come through, and we'll take it from there."

While any teams that step up and offer him could get in the mix for officials, Brantley says he will definitely take official visits to North Carolina, South Carolina and Oregon.

"The perfect school for me is going to be basically ... it's not going to be any one thing," he said. "It's going to be the fans, and can I live there after football? Can I be the student after football? Cause football is not going to be there the whole time. I have to see if I can live there after football."

Other than this past Saturday's game, Brantley has also seen games at UNC and NC State this year. He says his next, and final visit of the college football season, could come in the form of his first official visit when the Gamecocks take on the in-state Clemson Tigers November 28.

"That's going to be a great game, I already know," he said.

"After I take my officials, I plan on making a commitment right afterward," Brantley says. "If I feel right... If I take my first official and I just feel like this is where I need to be, it's gonna happen then and there. It's not a big deal [when I commit]. Just try to make it late November, early December."

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