Cliff Dunham Hopefull - Anxious

He is one of the most highly regarded signees in the southeast this year in terms of talent and ability. His physical attributes are nothing short of incredible. He would add to an already spectacular defensive line class ...

By Scott Kennedy

Cliff Dunham Jr. is one of the most talented defensive line prospects in the state of Georgia this year. He is a member of the 101 Team. He signed his Letter of Intent with South Carolina yesterday, but his final destination has yet to be determined.

"I signed with South Carolina (on signing day) at about 2:50 in the afternoon," said Dunham. "I am taking the ACT this Saturday. If I get a good enough score, I'll be headed up to South Carolina. If I don't get the score I need, I'm going to go to Butler CC for a couple of years. South Carolina hasn't talked to me about being a partial qualifier or anything yet; so we'll see."

Gamecock coaches made a smart move with Dunham. He is considered the top defensive lineman in Georgia this year, and although he was highly touted in the preseason, his academics caused him to lose favor among many of the big programs who had originally offered him a visit. But Dunham turned it around during the course of the year with his core requirements and is now within range of qualifying. He has the GPA, all he needs is the test score.

Furthermore, there is some indication that Dunham may be a candidate for a learning disability administered test ... at least it is being looked into. Meaning a test could eventually be administered orally, and everyone that knows Dunham feels this would benefit him. He is said to be an extremely well spoken individual who has a difficult time stringing together the written word on paper.

Gamecock fans will be following his progress closely. will keep you updated.

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