Freddy Saint Preux Speaks About Recruiting & a Fax

We managed to track down super dooper defensive line signee Freddy Saint Preux today. He had a few minutes to talk with us, send a message to Gamecock fans everywhere, and he also addressed the rumors that have been going around about the so-called smoking gun "fax-gate." Here is what he had to say ...

"First of all let me say that it feels great to be a Gamecock ... especially being under Lou Holtz. I think we've got a good shot at doing great things this year and next year and for a long time there. There are a lot of great recruits coming in. We're going to add to the rest of the team that's already in place and do a lot of great things for the program."

"I bench 415 right now - squat 500 - and my verticle leap is 31. But I'll improve on all of that once I can get into their weight program over the summer out there."

All the news stories had Saint-Preux and Telfort plotting to play together at the same school. But in reality, that's not what happened at all.

Saint Preux"Actually," Freddy began, "we had talked about it, but we didn't think it was going to happen until the last minute. We're definitely happy that were are playing together. It's ironic but we had both talked about going to the same school ... but we were determined to do what was best for us individually. We're real close friends. We tried to keep it a secret from one another and from everyone else about where we were going. We really didn't know we had decided on the same school until the night before signing day. It was kind of shocking to both of us. We didn't plan it that way."

Dodge City head football coach and athletic director John Rossetti echoed the fact.

"It really shocked us all signing day morning when Freddy decided to sign with South Carolina" said Rossetti. "All along it looked as if he would sign at either Alabama or Texas A&M. Freddy decided to put aside all of the recruiting talk and his decision was based on the fact that he felt South Carolina had the best opportunity for him academically."

"I am fully qualified. I don't have to worry about that at all," remarked Freddy on his present academic standing. "I'll be there this summer working out with the team ... probably around May after I take a couple of weeks off once I get out of here."

The massive athlete seems destined for the inside, but Saint-Preux said playing on the interior defensive line is anything but a sure thing.

"I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a defensive tackle, but they said with my speed I could play outside or inside. I run a 4.8 ...," we stopped him there.

Aren't you around 300 pounds we asked laughing just a bit?

"Yessir. 6-5, 305"

So we asked him again and he laughed back at us.

"Yeah, everyone laughs at that but it's legit. It's a real consistent time. I get timed at 4.8 every day during practices because most strangers and stuff that come up and ask about it want to see it for themselves. I'm like the oddity of the football world or something. No one can ever believe it until they see it with their own eyes."

"I went to Midwood High School in Brooklin, NYC. I went to UCF, I really didn't like it out there. So I took my redshirt and transferred out. I'm glad I did now because I get to play in the SEC."

Freddy continued about playing in the SEC, "I've always wanted to play in the SEC. Actually out of high school I committed to Alabama but there were a lot of things going on there at the time that I didn't feel comfortable with. My parents and I changed our minds at the last minute because we found out something was going down over there. So at the last minute I changed and went to UCF with a friend of mine but because it was a last minute decision I didn't feel comfortable there either to tell you the truth ... but by the time we had found out about Alabama there were not a lot of choices left, everyone else had given their scholarships away. But then I ended up here and I still have three years left to play in the SEC at South Carolina so it has all worked out for the best."

"I'm going to major in Criminal Justice at SC ... it's one of the best CJ schools in the country, something like number two or three I think, so I am looking forward to getting there."

Finally we asked about the fax and shared some links with him to some local stories implying that a negative fax had been sent to both him and Telfort. Freddy had this to say.

"Yeah I got a fax. So did Woodly. All the fax said was something about the graduation rate at South Carolina and there were details enclosed about the Criminal Justice school at South Carolina. That's all. Man I tell you I do not believe I am hearing this."

Freddy was taken aback at learning the news of the accusations against Coach Roberts. He paused our phone conversation to tell family and friends in the room about the unbelievable accusations. Then he returned to the phone ...

"Coach Roberts didn't send us one thing that was negative against Clemson. Not one thing. The only thing he sent us was a fax about the Criminal Justice school being one of the top ten in the country. We wanted to go to a school that had our major ... it only makes sense. All the coaches from all the schools we talked to tried to sell us on majors that we were not interested in. We had a list of requirements we were looking for and South Carolina met all the necessary academic requirements most of all and then some. Like they are in the SEC. Stuff like that."

Another reason Saint Preux chose the Gamecocks?

"Darrell Shropshire and I played against each other in JuCo ball. I already know how good he is. When they put me and Darrell in there at the same time we are going to be good. Real good. And I knew that. My Dad kept telling me that me and him playing side by side would be devestating to other teams. That's one of the key reasons I decided to come to South Carolina because I wanted to play beside Darrell. He is special, I know that because we were on the same field together, and when you put us in there as a combo you are not going to believe how good we can be. Like I said, I talked to my Dad about that and that was one of the other main reasons."

"Hey let me tell you. We know who we have to play in the SEC East and who wouldn't want to play for South Carolina? I mean we love the coaches there. And they have the best fans in the country. They've got it all. We are going to beat Tennessee when we get there. And one of the DBs on our JuCo team, Renaldo Hill, committed to Florida. He's been talking trash. We're going to get Florida while we're there too mark my word. We play with these guys and we've played against them too. We know we are as good as they are there are no doubts in our minds about that. We know it for a fact. So why shouldn't we beat them? They're no better than us and they know that. They're more worried about having to play us than we are about havng to play them. They got nothing on us .... we can play with anybody."

Then there was a long pause in the conversation as if Freddy had just had another thought on a troubling subject in his mind.

"No," ... he said again wanting to get back to the issue about the fax. "I've never had any of the South Carolina coaches do one bit of negative recruiting. That's what impressed me and Woodly (Telfort) about them the most. We talked about that after we had found out that we both had chosen South Carolina. Those coaches were nothing but class acts. They never talked bad about anybody. They're just good people."

"Hey, we're not stupid you know. We don't have to have someone tell us anything about another school. We read the Internet and so does our parents. We do our homework. We read what the fans say on the message boards about us, about who else is coming in with the class. We know what's going on. We know whether they wanted us or not we have eyes too you know. We chose South Carolina because it was best for us as individuals. Like I said, neither of us knew what the other was going to do until the night before signing day. We were surprised and excited at the same time. And we both got the identical same faxes from Coach Roberts. He copied the same faxes to us at the same time. There was absolutely nothing bad about Clemson in either of those faxes. As a matter of fact there was nothing about Clemson in those faxes at all ... period."

"You tell all the fans on that we'll take care of things when we get there. We're happy to be coming and we're coming there for a purpose. We're going to walk away from there in a few years with rings on our fingers I promise them that."

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