An Interview With Woodly Telfort

Simply put, Woodly Telfort is a huge young man. But little does everyone realize that he was one of the more highly recruited offensive linemen in the country this year. In the end he signed with the Gamecocks. This is what he had to say about the process (including the so-called "fax") and his plans for the future ...

First of all the bonifieds on Woodly Telfort. He tells us that he is 6-8 330, benched 430, squats 490 and runs the 40 in 4.9 seconds.

What other schools offered?

Woodly: "Florida, Clemson, Southern Miss, Oklahoma, UCF, Pittsburg .... I got a lot of offers from a lot of schools I can't remember them all."

What swayed you toward South Carolina in the end?

Woodly: "I liked the academics, the chance to go in and play quick. I mean the whole package was a good one for me playing in the SEC, academics, playing early, all those things."

"Coach Dave Roberts recruited me ... I really liked him. He was a totally good person. He was straight up with me ... he never lied to me but I think I caught some of the others saying things sometimes that weren't exactly true."

About the rumors of a fax being sent that could be construed as negative recruiting?

Woodly: "Not true. I mean I got a fax about the school ... about the academic program at South Carolina. There was no negative recruiting. No no no no no. None of that. Someone is making that up. South Carolina never bad-mouthed Clemson. Never did any type of misrecruiting at all. If anyone is claiming they did then they are straight up liars and you can tell everyone I said that, especially whoever is claiming that there was some kind of fax sent with anything about Clemson involved. There was nothing ever bad said about Clemson by Coach Roberts. That didn't happen."

What are your strengths as an offensive lineman?

Woodly: "My strengths are pass protection. I'll come in as a right tackle and I think I've got a good shot at starting right away ... at least I am coming in with a mindset to earn the starting right tackle position."

How are your grades?

Woodly: "I got a 3.5 GPA and I'm a JuCo transfer so the SATs are not relevent but everyone probably already knows that."

About the visit to Columbia?

Woodly: "I loved the visit ... I loved the people in that town. It was great. I know I will not be bored living in Columbia."

On meeting Lou Holtz

Woodly: "Coach Holtz is a very educated person, I am going to love playing for him. He is so enthusiastic and his record over the years as a head coach says a whole lot."

About the rumors that there was a package deal for himself and Freddy Saint Preux?

Woodly: "Freddy was confused a little ... he thought he was going to Texas A & M ... the night before signing day he called and said he was going to be a Gamecock and that was the first time we realized we were going to the same school."

When did you realize you were going to be a Gamecock?

Woodly I knew a week before signing day really. I wanted to go to South Carolina. I had already made up my mind but I wasn't telling anybody because things had gotten too crazy. I quit answering phone calls ... I had made up my mind I was going to South Carolina and no one was going to change my mind in that last week.

When are you reporting to Columbia?

Woodly: "I'm coming in sometime early. I'll probably go home for a week and then head straight on to South Carolina to start working out with the rest of the team for most of the summer. I want to get there early and get a headstart on next season. We have a lot to accomplish ... we have high goals."

About it working out that Saint Preux and him will be going to the same school?

Woodly: "I'm really happy about that. Freddy and I will be roommates at South Carolina I hope. We plan on doing that anyway. We are both looking forward to getting there and getting things started. We'll be there before you know it."

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