An Interview With Cody Wells

Fans are already comparing him to Ryan Brewer. Cody Wells may not have been sought-after by all of the high profile programs. He was even ignored by some of the large Florida schools in his own backyard. But he has something to prove and he intends to do so when he arrives in Columbia ...

Cody Wells, 6-0 185 40, 4.5 Bench 275

What made you choose South Carolina?

Wells: "Well, they are a big competitor in the SEC. Lou Holtz came in and really turned the program around. With him coming in ... and getting to play for someone like that I just felt real comfortable out there."

How did your visits go? You visited twice right?

Wells: "The visit went well - the first time I was there was on an unofficial. I got to see the campus and I really liked it. Then I came back for an official visit ... after that I was very confident that I wanted to be a Gamecock."

What position will you play?

Wells: "I'll come in as a free safety ... I think they want me to return punts too. I'm not real positive. A couple of weeks into practice and we should know. I returned punts in high school ... I had quite a few returned for a TD. I averaged around 6 or 8 returned for TDs a year. I had fourteen over my junior and senior years ... several special teams TDs. My return average my senior season was 27 yards."

Did you play any other positions?

Wells: "I played a little running back this year. I had 50 carries for 540 yards."

How are your grades?

Wells: "I am fully qualified. I have a 4.1 GPA this year. I had a 20 on my only ACT."

What are your immediate goals when you arrive in Columbia? What have you and the coaches decided?

Wells: "If I can go in there and contribute as a free safety and return punts then I hope to play as a true freshman. But if it looks like I might not get a lot of playing time as a true freshman I would actually prefer to go ahead and redshirt and save this year for later."

What was it like meeting Lou Holtz?

Wells: "I really enjoyed Coach Holtz. He knew what he was talking about. You know he has been around football for the majority of his life. I mean listening to him talk about the upcoming football season he really has high hopes for us."

Are you coming up early to work out with the team?

Wells: "I'm not sure if I am coming up early yet. I'm not real sure yet. I'll probably get a call from Coach Fitch here in the near future and I'll discuss that with him."

How did Coach Fitch do as a recruiter?

Wells: "I really enjoyed being recruited by Coach Fitch. He pretty much came out and told me how it was. He told me what it would be like and what to expect and I really appreciated that."

"He told me it is going to be a whole different level of game. They expect hard work from me and dedication. He told me that grades come first ... they are very serious about academics there."

"And Skip Holtz came down a week before signing day just to run over things and make sure I was comfortable with everything."

What other schools recruited you?

Wells: "UCF, South Florida. I visited UCF the week before I visited South Carolina but after I visited South Carolina I didn't want to take anymore visits."

"I camped at Florida State, plus my last camp was actually the Nike Camp in Georgia and that went real well because I got to see the speed of other players and things like that."

"I really thought Florida or Florida State would offer late but they didn't. I can't wait to go back to my home state and play in front of the local crowd and hopefully one day put on a show and maybe show them that they should have offered me."

What are your strong points?

Wells: "I like my role as a pass coverage guy at Free Safety. That is definitely one of my strong points. But my really strong point is in run support. I'm not afraid to put a helmet on somebody and hit. So everyone really liked me as a hitter."

Any final comments?

Wells: "I want Gamecock fans to know that I'm really looking forward to coming up there and working hard. I hope I can help the team. I'm going to work hard and hopefully I'll be able to help the team by being the best player that I can be."

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