Elliott vows to bring excitement, discipline

A new year often brings challenges, and this will certainly apply to the 2010 edition of the South Carolina football team. One of those challenges will be replacing the energetic and fiery Eric Wolford, the offensive line coach who bolted from Columbia after just one season.

The Head Ball Coach said he is very happy to bring in a South Carolina native to coach on his staff, and even managed to get a quick parting shot in at the departed Coach Wolford.

"We're excited about having Shawn Elliot as our offensive line coach here," said Spurrier. "Shawn, a quick background, he's from Camden, South Carolina. So he's not going to take the Youngstown State job if it opens up next year. He's going to be here a while."

Elliot quickly echoed Spurrier's sentiments about his personal excitement for the job, and what the University of South Carolina has meant to him over the years.

"I just want to say that it is such a great opportunity to come to the University of South Carolina, to have this chance to compete in the SEC with this ball club, and this university, and the state of South Carolina. It's exciting for myself and my family, and we're looking forward to preparing for the upcoming season. A lot of people have stated, ‘This is my dream job.' Well, it's a lot of people's dream job to be at the University of South Carolina," Elliot said, emphasizing how fortunate he feels for the opportunity to coach at USC.

Elliot said that his love for South Carolina started at a young age, watching his state trooper father direct traffic from the end zone stand at Williams-Brice Stadium.

"I was a huge fan of South Carolina growing up," stated Elliot. "I remember seeing games when George Rogers played here, Sterling Sharpe's '84 team, you name it, I've always been a Gamecock fan. You know, even when I went to Appalachian State as a player I always followed the Gamecocks."

Some people may view it as a tough task to replace not only Coach Wolford's intense desire to win, but also the teaching of his consistent and reliable fundamentals. Elliot assured everyone that not only will his players fight as hard as anyone else, but that he is just as big a stickler for technique as his predecessor.

"I think I'm a big believer in perfect technique, that's the bottom line," added Elliot. "If you're going to have the best o-line on the field on any given day, they've got to be great technicians. And they've got to have a lot of fight in them, and that's something I have to see if they have a lot of. I know that's important."

Lastly, Elliot described his own coaching style as exciting, and one that Gamecock fans can look forward to having on the sideline for many years to come.

"I mean, I'm an exciting coach," said Elliot. "I coach with great emotion. I love players to play with great emotion. I think I can incorporate the heart and the passion, that they want to go out there and win."

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