Simmons: 'I'd have to give it a 10'

South Carolina played host to Greater Atlanta Christian School DE Corey Simmons on an official visit from Thursday through Saturday afternoon.

"When I first got there, we had got there a little bit early, so we just happen to sit in the dorm room and just hang with some of the players," Corey Simmons said of the visit. "Just hanging out with them and seeing what it's about, like really finding out what's up about South Carolina football, and what's going on behind the scenes that you don't [normally] find out, just hanging out with them, I really enjoyed that, I liked that a lot."

The 6-4, 225-pound end from Greater Atlanta Christian School in Norcross, Ga. says that he also enjoyed taking the campus tour. Because of the fact he came in Thursday, when most official visits start on a Friday, he was allowed a unique view of the school.

"It's nice, and it's got a lot of history," he said of the campus. "It's really nice to just look around. And I was able to be out when students were out, so it was interesting to see them swap around [classes] and see how they are connected."

Part of that tour included getting to see the new Dodie Anderson Academic Center, which will open on National Signing Day.

"That things going to be real nice," Simmons says. "Especially, with the help you'll be able to get, that's going to be really useful."

Before the visit, Simmons told that he was hoping to learn more about coach Ellis Johnson's defensive scheme and how he would fit in. He says he got all of his questions answered.

"I learned that I would probably be one of the ends and that the scheme is pretty cut and dry," Simmons said. "Like they tell you what to do with predetermined reads and calls, it's just things that are doable and I really like what they're doing there."

Simmons also said before the visit that he hadn't gotten the chance to really get to know his recruiter of record Shane Beamer yet, because they had literally just met. He says that also changed on the visit.

"I really like the coaches that I met," Simmons says. "I really got to know some of them, because for a while it was just me sitting around because I got there early, so we got to talk or whatever, and just chat about things [during that time]."

Simmons was hosted on the visit by current South Carolina linebacker and former Apalachee HS (Winder, Ga.) standout Chaun Gresham. Gresham offered solid advice for Simmons.

Gresham told him to "make sure you get your grades up and make sure you handle your education first," Simmons said.

Simmons also says that Gresham played a big part in him having an excellent visit.

"I'd have to give (the visit) a 10," Simmons says, "because my man Chaun he just took me around and we had a good time. We just found some people to hang out with, and the people here at South Carolina are real cool. They don't seem like there are really any problems around here or anything."

Simmons was also accompanied on the visit by his father, Clyde Simmons, Jr. who starred in the NFL for 15 years. The younger Simmons says his father, who was born in Lane, S.C., told him that it was his decision only.

"His thoughts were really just like to come out here and see what's up," he said. "He told me before we left that this was my visit and it's my decision, and that I needed to come down here and ask questions and see what's up for myself, because he's not going to be the one going to school here."

The final portion of Simmons' official visit involved the exit interview with head coach Steve Spurrier that prospects always have before leaving campus.

"It was just kind of a wild moment," Simmons says, "because not a lot of people get to sit down with Steve Spurrier every day. It was just a wild moment to me, having the chance to probably play for him."

And as for the chances Simmons will play for Steve Spurrier?

"South Carolina is definitely very, very high," he said. "I'm probably going to commit sometime around the end of this weekend or maybe sooner."

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