An Interview With Cory Boyd

Often when we saw posts referencing Cory Boyd on the various message boards, fans seemed to have the idea that he might be a smaller scat back type talent. We decided to go straight to the source and find out a little more about one of our newest Gamecocks from the state of New Jersey ...

Cory Boyd - 6-2, 195 pounds. 225 Bench Press, 325 Squat.

When speaking with Boyd the first thing we noticed was his very soft, very easy going demeanor. He was incredibly polite and gracious despite the fact that he was running a fever from a stomach virus at the time of the interview - and he sounded somewhat ill at first. But once we started talking Gamecock football his spirits picked up and an air of confidence and excitement sprang forward in his voice.

What helped you to make your decision to become a Gamecock?

"I visited in early December so I really kind of had the place all to myself. They didn't have anyone else to worry about so I guess I got shown a lot of attention. Taquiy Muhammad was my host and he did a good job showing me around and teaching me about the way things work down there and the family atmosphere."

"That's really what it was - It was a family thing. They showed me a lot of ... well let me say this. They made me see that it was more than just football down there. It was incredible. It was like a family. With so many people that recruited me it was all about football. But with South Carolina it was special. It was all about something I cannot put a finger on, something about the atmosphere down there that made me feel like something rare is going to happen soon at that place."

"Later, I met Coach Lou, and then he came to the house even after that. I had a couple of family members that came by to meet him. It was rightious. It was nice. I've never had someone that important come to my house just to see me. It is something that I needed at the time to keep me focused and keep me going."

What are your best attributes as a tailback? And is there a chance you might be moved to another position somewhere down the road?

"I'm quick, so I make people miss. I'll be a running back when I get down there. A 'straight' back, tailback, nothing but a running back. I won't accept playing in the secondary. That was another reason I picked South Carolina because they were the only school that recruited me as a full time running back. I knew there were other schools that were saying I would come in as a running back but I knew they would switch me to another position so there was no reason for me to even consider going to any of the other schools. I am going to be a running back."

"I rushed for about 1530 yards last year with 18 touchdowns. I catch the ball pretty well though. But I only had two receptions out of the backfield last year ... both of them went for touchdowns. I'm physical so I can run over people if I have to but I can also make them miss. They are not going to get good pads on me if I can help it and that helps me pick up extra yardage."

Who else did you have solid offers from? What other schools?

"Virginia and Virginia Tech offered along with Wisconsin, Rutgers and Boston College. They all recruited me hard and offered me a full ride as an 'athlete' ... but South Carolina was still the best fit for me."

How are your grades?

"I have a 3.0 GPA ... and an 890 on my SAT. Actually up here the test we take is like an ACT and I had a 69 on that but only needed a 68 to qualify. They told me the 69 is the equal to an 890 on my SAT so I am fully qualified and not worried about that anymore."

What are your plans for early playing time? Or do you plan on redshirting your first season?

"I am not planning on redshirting when I get there. Not at all. I plan on playing early at tailback."

Have you heard about the other tailbacks currently on the team or the one they signed in the class along with you?

"I'm not worried about them signing Summers. They can sign whoever they want. They could sign Barry Sanders for all I care. I'm not worried about it at all. All I'm worried about is the work I do and the job I have to do to help the team. That's the only thing that concerns me. I'm glad they signed Summers. I like the competition it will help bring out the best in me."

Coach Guge recruited you correct? How did you like him as your recruiter?

"Yes that's right. You did your homework. Coach Guge recruited me. He was upfront and didn't sugarcoat anything. He made everything very clear and I liked that. And he made it hard for me not to pick South Carolina. I mean he told me so many good things about South Carolina - he made me feel like that was the place I needed to be. And when I came down for my visit I found out he was right."

What size high school are you coming out of ... what classification in New Jersey?

"AAA classification in high school ... the third largest classification in New Jersey. Orange High School. Orange, New Jersey."

Are you planning on coming down early and working out with the team this summer? Have you heard about the need to get here early and acclimate yourself to the heat?

"I don't get out of school up here until the last week in June almost a month after most of the southern players get out of school. But as fast I can get out of school I am going to get down there and start working out with the team."

"I heard about the heat. It's going to be a challenge but I am not worried about it," he said laughing a bit nervously. "I say that now, but I've heard some horror stories about the heat down there. I am not going to worry about it. I'll adjust when I get down there."

Anything you would like to say to the thousands of Gamecock fans that will be reading this?

"Yes sir. You're that GamecockInsider dot com web site right? Here is what I want you to tell them for me please. Tell Gamecock fans down there to get ready because there is about to be a show ... we're going to have some fun for the next four years."

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