Carolina Center Drawing Rave Reviews

The Carolina Center has been well received in its first season of play. From concert producers to sports writers the words have been positive. The following is an overview of comments given to the media promoting our new facility ...

"The Carolina Center is a terrific building to broadcast from. The sight lines are tight and the setting makes for a good college basketball environment."
~ Dave Neal, Play by Play Announcer, SEC TV

"The Carolina Center did a phenomenal job accomodating our needs and making it easier for us to make our show the best it could be. I'm thrilled to return this week for freestyle motocross"
~Adam Desutter-promoter of USHRA Monster Jam and IFMA Freestyle Motocross

"The Carolina Center has kept us busy as our limos are always at the major events. FOr the big concerts, like Jimmy Buffett, Kenny Chesney, and Bruce Springsteen, we were completely booked"
~Kathy Gantt-Manager of CMI Limousine Services

"The Carolina Center is a beautiful facility and extremely well-run. It is truly an asset to Columbia and the state of South Carolina"
~Ben Farrell, Promoter for Kenny Chesney concert

"This place(The Carolina Center) is out of sight. I've been in virtually every basketball arena in the country, and this is as good as it gets."
~Marty Blake, Coordinator of NBA scouting

"The Carolina Center is as fine of a facilty as any I've worked in across the country. South Carolina did things right when they built this place."
~Tim Higgins, NCAA basketball official

"The Carolina Center is one of the best on campus basketball arenas that i have seen. And I say that having done every basketball survey for CBS sports for the last 19 years."
~Bob Dekas, CBS Coordinating Producer for NCAA basketball

"The Carolina Center is a beautiful facilty that all Gamecock fans can take a great pride in."
~Mike Slive, Commisioner SEC

"The Carolina Center has really helped our sales. For the Jimmy Buffet concert we were the number one in sales for the entire company. I think everyone in the Vista area has benefited from The Carolina Center."
~Myron Chinn, Associate manager of promotions at Jillian's

"The Carolina Center has helped our business a tremendous amount by bringing in a lot of new visitors. I believe that it is good for everybody in the community. It can only be positive."
~Tony Tam- manager of the Hampton Inn (Gervais St)

"Since the opening of the Carolina Center, we have done record numbers, especially on the nights that Jimmy Buffett and Bruce Springsteen performed. The new arena has helped out business grow by at least 25%, It also provides a nice baskdrop for our restaurant."
~Michael Jones - Manager of Palmetto's Restaurant

"The Carolina Center is going to have signifigant economic impact on the midlands area, which I would estimate to exceed more than $23.5million annually."
~Dr. Tom Regan, Chairman of USC Sport & Entertainment Managment Program

The Carolina Center has been very, very positive and i believe that the positive effect has just begun. The arena is bringing in a phenomenal amount of people and is adding tremendous vitality to this area"
~Fred Delk- Columbia Development Corporation(a nonprofit city office that works with economic development in the vista area)

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