Ready to prove themselves

Steve Spurrier met with the media after practice on Wednesday evening at the "Proving Grounds." Spurrier discussed practice, the optimism of the team for the season, the QB situation, and the latest on the NCAA investigation into some of the players.

"We had a pretty good practice today." Spurrier said of Wednesday's practice. "We had a lot of snaps, a lot of throws and runs. It was a pretty good practice we thought."

Spurrier continues to sound as excited and optimistic about this season as he has in quite some time.

"Optimism is pretty good." Spurrier said. "We have to do it when it counts. Talking about it doesn't always mean much around here. We're just trying to wait to prove ourselves next Thursday night and see if we are a pretty good team."

Most of Spurrier's excitement throughout camp has revolved around the running backs and receivers. The depth and diversity in talents of each of the players will present a challenge for any opponent in 2010. Today, Spurrier seemed very pleased with the performances of his two quarterbacks, Stephen Garcia and Connor Shaw.

"Connor and Stephen got about all the snaps today." Spurrier said. "Both of them did a little better. Both of them did some good things today. Both are going to play [in the Southern Miss game]."

Spurrier emphasized that the competition for the quarterback job is down to those two.

"It's down to two." Spurrier said of the competition. "They're going to get about all the snaps the rest of the year, barring injury."

The biggest story of the day again centered around the NCAA's investigation dealing with agents and the Whitney Hotel. At today's meeting of the Columbia Touchdown Club, Spurrier said that one or two guys may have to miss some playing time. Spurrier further explained the comment tonight.

"Historically guys who received some extra benefits according to the NCAA may have to miss a game or two." Spurrier said of NCAA investigations. "If that happens we'll accept it and move on, but it may not happen. I was just explaining what could or could not happen with the situation that a few of our players are in right now." Four of the players linked to the Whitney Hotel - OT Jarriel King, CB CC Whitlock, FS Akeem Auguste, and DT Melvin Ingram - missed an early portion of practice but did arrive later on.

Despite the distractions, Gamecock tailback Kenny Miles says the team is just ready to go out there and play.

"We're ready to make things happen." Miles said. "After the baseball team did what they did, we can't come out here and have a slack season. We've been working hard this summer and we're ready to come out here and prove something."

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