Coach Holtz Presser 10/19: Cincinnati

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz addresses the media during his weekly press conference. Coach talks about the Bulls performance against West Virginia, the offensive struggles, the play of the defense and special teams, and previews the upcoming match-up against Cincinnati, and more.

USF Head Coach Skip Holtz addresses the media during his weekly press conference.

Coach talks about the Bulls performance against West Virginia, the offensive struggles, the play of the defense and special teams, and previews the upcoming match-up against Cincinnati, and more. Watch the presser courtesy of the USF Media Relations Department

"Looking back last week with West Virginia, it's kind of bittersweet in a lot of respects. I mean there is so many positive things that are going on the field, it's really hard to get and yet when you look at the results, it is very easy to get discouraged. Right now, I think there is a lot of positive things going on, the defense is playing really well right now. Going back and looking at that film, I think we're playing a great team defense right now. I think Mark Snyder, Coach Smith, Coach Patrick, and Coach Hargreaves are doing a great job with that group on the defensive side of the ball. If you look at this game last Thursday, I thought our linebackers were extremely active, DeDe Lattimore, boy, how great was it to see him as a freshmen as active as he was and some of the things he was doing at the linebacker position. Sam Barrington played very well. Jaquian Williams did very well, I think our secondary played very well outside of really one play."

"When you look at their "big three" who have been accountable for the majority of their yards to hold every one of them, I believe, for 50 yards was a huge job for our defense. I just thought that they answered the challenge that was given to them and I thought defensively they played a great game. I mean really they held a very explosive West Virginia team to 13 points. When you look at it in special teams it was great to see Bonani come around to make our two field goals. He had the opportunity to kick during the course of the game. I think Brockhaus-Kann is punting the ball extremely well for us, and I think our cover teams are doing an excellent job."

"We talked in here a week ago about their explosiveness with the weapons they have and their return game and I think our special teams are really playing well right now, with that being said you go over to the offensive side of the ball with a lack of productivity right now that's the bitter part. That's the bitter part right now, for where we are as an offensive football team I think our offensive line is doing some good things, I think our wide receivers are starting to come along, Bogan played a fantastic game for us Thursday, I thought he was active, he was in it, it's nice to see him coming back from the ankle injury that he had, and I think he's really playing well right now. What we've got to do is we have to find a way to move the ball consistently and put it in the end zone. The biggest problem on offense right now is our third downs. We are not very consistent on third downs. We're 1-11 on Thursday and if you can't convert on third downs you can't say on the field to keep drives alive. We had zero big plays of 20 yards or more, so right now as an offense we're not consistent enough to turn and move the chains, but yet we're not making any huge chunks of yardage to turn field position or put points on the board."

"That's something that we've talked a lot about this week, as an offensive football team some of the things we have to do to give our players an opportunity to put points up but that's how they keep scores, it's not about yards, it's not about first downs, it's about how many points you put up. Right now as an offense, as I said after the game, we're bad when you look at our productivity. We've played two Big East games and have not scored an offensive touchdown in either one of those games, which, is like I said, that's the bitter part. The attitude has been tremendous, the players came out. This group wants to be good. They're working extremely hard. I think there's great chemistry on this team when I look at it. There was at one point the offense was in the huddle waiting for the T.V. timeout to leave and there were our guys in the offensive huddle slapping guys on the helmet, encouraging them I mean. I hate to say it but it's a positive atmosphere when you lose a football game, but there are a lot of good things we can turn and can really build on with this football team."

"Saying that, we have kind of a little bit of a different schedule again this week, playing on a Friday night at Cincinnati. I think Butch does a great job with that football team. I know they're 3-3 right now, they're in the same boat that we are. They lost a tough game to Fresno, they went out to Fresno to start out the year and Fresno hit a bunch of big plays on them. From a standpoint of throwing the ball down the field, which is not our forte they play Oklahoma to a 31-29 football game, they turn and they lose at NC State where they were able to turn and be able to hit some big plays as well. So when you look at this football team I think it's a very talented football team Cincinnati. I think they are on top of the mountain when the season ended in the BIG EAST a year ago. They're a very good football team. I think it starts at the quarterback position where Zach Collaros has been really impressive on the field. I was really impressed with him. I had the opportunity to spend some time with him at the BIG EAST meetings this summer, real impressed with him as a person but when you watch him on the film, probably a very similar to offense to what we played a week ago but, having the running component of the quarterback is what Cincinnati adds."

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