Bulls Commits Reaction to Big win Over Miami

On Saturday Skip Holtz and the Bulls got another huge signature win. Afterwards, USFN caught up with the USF commits to get their feedback on the stunning 23-20 OT win over Miami. Read on for the scoop. Only on USFNation.com

USF had another big test to see how they match up with another member of the Florida big 3 Saturday, and came away with an upset victory over the Hurricanes in Miami. USFNation caught up with the 2011 commits and got their reaction to the big win.

USF Commits

Alex Mut, WR (Charlotte) – It was a great win! It was a good thriller. I feel great about being a Bull. I've always felt great about it I love USF!

Max Lang, OL (Boone) – Yes sir, I watched the game! What a game. USF played a great game and they showed they wanted it more. All of the recruits that I talked with were ecstatic with that win and the season in whole. We are all stoked about being a South Florida Bull!

Antoine Pozniak, LB (Oak Ridge) – I didn't get to watch the game unfortunately, but while I was training at Defranco's gym, my dad was texting me updates and I I thought my future teammates played their butts off, and that the team is moving in the right direction. I feel like I have an opportunity to be part of something special, it's an opportunity of a lifetime, and I think I can be successful through hard work. That's why my family and I have made sacrifices this Thanksgiving break so I can invest in myself.

Thor Jozwiak, OL (Lake Region) – Words can't describe how I felt after that huge win! I was so jacked up for the players and the coaches and the whole USF family! I feel amazing about being a Bull. The day I committed to USF was the happiest day in my life. I am excited and humble to be a part of the USF Nation!

Matt Floyd, QB (Milton) – Yeah I saw the game, it was really exciting. The defense played great and Bobby Eveld did a great job of stepping up in a crucial situation, in a big game. It makes me excited because I see what were capable of and that we can definitely compete with the bigger schools in America. That's one of the better teams in the ACC and we made a statement that we could compete against those teams and against those conferences.

Tye Turner, TE (Griffin) – Yes I watched it and thought it was a very good win for the team. I was already excited about being a Bull, but that win just made me even more ready to become a Bull!

Boo Simon, OL (Baldwin County) – I wasn't able to watch it all, but loved the play of our defense and thought the freshman QB stepped up and played great. That is two years in a row that USF has beaten one of the so-called big 3 schools of Florida. It shows that USF should now be considered equal to or even better than at least two of them.

Zack Bullock, LB (Sebring) – I saw it and loved it. It was a great win for the program, and it made me feel very proud to be a Bull.

Brynjar Gudmundsson, OL (Wellington) – Yeah I saw the game and thought it was a great win for South Florida. Hopefully it earned them more respect in college football and more recognition. They just need to be more consistent on offense. I could not be more excited to be a Bull!

Darrell Williams, OL (Evans) – I watched the game and thought it was exciting. We made the big plays when it most mattered. My commitment to USF was always solid, but a win like this makes me feel as if USF is going to do some great things in the near future.

Chris Garye, DB (Lincoln) – Yes sir I watched the game and like how USF didn't wait to jump out on them. I also like how they play from the start and the hard finish from the Bulls min overtime. It makes me want to be a Bull even more because I see that the coaches won't give up on the players and the players don't give up on their coaches.

Kenneth Durden, CB (Lowndes) – I watched the game and the win was really a good one, I was very happy that they beat a big ACC school. I feel very good about USF and I'm confident that we can win a Big East championship.

Mike Juene, LB (Independence CC) – I didn't get to see the game, but heard all about them winning. Whether they win or lose, I still feel like I made the right decision. That's not going to change.

Willie Davis, RB (Stephenson) – Yeah I watched it and it was a great win. It was just another signature win for the Bulls to show the world what South Florida football is about and just why they're on the rise to national prominence. All it does is solidifies to me that I know I made the right decision. Other than that it doesn't really have much affect because unlike other people, I knew and expected what everybody witnessed.

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