3-Star WR Clarke Gives USF Vist a Perfect 10

This past weekend the Bulls hosted several prospects for official visits, and one of them was Sebring's standout Devin Clarke, a 5-11-165-pound wide receiver that's had three straight 1,000-yard seasons, with over 50 touchdowns. Read on to see what the Sebring speedster thought of the experience, where the Bulls stand, and when he'll make his choice.

One of the more productive players in Florida over the last three years has been Sebring's standout Devin Clarke, who's broken the 1,000 yards of offense bench mark the last three seasons. During his senior campaign Clark had over 1,100 yards of total offense and 17 total touchdowns. During his junior and sophomore seasons Clarke had over 120 catches for more than 2,200 yards with 23 receiving scores, adding eleven more touchdowns by way of rushing scores, kick returns, punt returns and interceptions all for scores. That's over 3,000 yards of offense with 50 touchdowns for those of you counting.

This past weekend the Bulls hosted several prospects for official visits, Clarke was one of them, and talked about his experience.

"The visit was great," said Clarke. "I got a chance to meet a lot of the new players, be around them and see how they bond with each other. They're like a big family, and that's good. They all build off of each other, and try to help each other out. I really liked that and had a lot of fun up there."

Clarke arrived in Tampa on Friday and was joined by Sebring assistant coach LaVaar Scott.

"Friday we got in, check out Raymond James Stadium, I've been there before, but it's always nice to be in a pro stadium like that, it's real nice," said Clarke. "Then we went on boat cruise to eat while it went around Tampa Bay, and that was real nice. Afterwards I just hung out with the players and got to bond with them. I really enjoyed that."

"Saturday we had breakfast, and then had academic meetings, with the coaches and academic advisors," said Clarke. "They totally broke down everything, what you had to do, hours, and things like that. That was all real good. They really stressed academics, how you have to be a student athlete and that we all get laptops, and that when you get there you won't be on your own, how they can help you and I really liked that."

"We also went over to bush Gardens for lunch, and then for dinner went downtown to eat at some nice place, I can't remember the name but it was up on the 41st floor of some building. It was real nice with some real good food, and you could see all of Tampa while up there. It was real nice. Afterwards we just chilled with the players some more."

Devin has been to USF the past three summers for the annual USF Sling & Shoot, so when he went on the tour of the campus and the facilities he saw all the changes in the USF athletic village.

"I've been to USF many times and love it up there, but you can really see what they done" said Clarke. "Everything is great. I like the weight room and the new practice fields look great, they have two grass fields and an artificial turf field now, and they look real sweet. They have a lot of new stuff and it definitely looks different. Where we did the 7 on 7 is where the practice fields are, and the new soccer stadium they're building are. They're building new baseball, softball, and basketball facilities also. They building a new dining hall for the athletes with special meals to make sure we eat right, we didn't go inside, but it looks like it's going to be real nice."

Devin was hosted by USF wide receiver A.J. Love, and got to spend time with other USF players during the weekend.

"I hung out with A.J. the most, A.J. and my cousin Bradley Battles," said Clarke. "My cousin was telling me how USF is a great school and that choosing them was the best for him, and A.J. basically said the same thing, and about how they helped him develop as a player, stuff like that."

"I got to see a lot of players," said Clarke. "I got to talk with B.J. Daniels, but just for a little bit. I talked with Marcus Shaw, who's one of my home boys. I talked with T-Rex (Terrence Mitchell), and got to see the twins, talked with the TE/WR Isaac Virgin, a bunch of guys. They were all nice and I really liked spending time with them

Even though he's been to USF many times, during the visit he learned a lot of new things about the Bulls.

"I already knew so much, but I got to see a lot more this time," said Clarke. "Like the academic stuff, I'm real glad I got to find out about that, because we never really sat down and talked about that before, and that's important."

During the weekend Clarke got to spend more time with the USF coaching staff, saying that's one of USF's best selling points.

"USF has a great coaching staff, they really do," said Clarke. "I talked a lot with the receiver Coach Phil McGeoghan, I've got to know him and just love his personality and he's a great coach. Coach Scott too, I've known him for a very long time and he's great."

"Coach Holtz is a great coach with a great personality," said Clarke. "I like his vision of the future. He told me that when he came and visited me at my school, he really liked me as a player and a person, and how he thinks I can help the team."

"That's the most important thing; you got to like the staff if you're going to go to a school," said Clarke. "And USF has a great staff, everybody has a great personality, they play around, but when it comes down to business they get serious."

After a great weekend, Devin said one thing was his favorite.

"It was really just hanging with all the players," said Clarke. "They all have a great personality and all real cool, and they all have a big family thing going on there."

Clarke left the weekend without committing, but had nothing but good things to say about the Bulls.

"No I didn't commit over the weekend," said Clarke. "I like everything about USF, and what the future holds for them. USF is a school I could see myself playing at. The visit was even better than I expected and I give the visit a perfect 10!"

With signing day just weeks away Clarke said when he'll make his college choice, but it won't be soon.

"No sir, I think I'll make my choice on signing day."

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