4-Team Race for Josh Grady Heading into NSD

With just days to go, Armwood's Josh Grady talks to USFNation.com about his latest official visit to Vanderbilt, a new school among his leaders, and what factors matter the most.

Decision time is right around the corner for Josh Grady, Armwood's star quarterback who is also being looked at on the defensive side of the ball. The 6-foot-1, 192 pound prospect received over two dozen offers from schools across the country, and narrowed things down to a top three of USF, Wake, and Iowa State, but after his latest visit to Vanderbilt, things might have changed.

"The visit to Vanderbilt was great," said Grady. "I had a good time, and I love Coach Franklin."

During the weekend visit Grady got to see the Vanderbilt campus up close for the first time, and liked what the Commodores had to offer.

"The campus was gorgeous," said Grady. "But the facilities were being renovated,"

While on his visit the Armwood star got to see everything, meet with the academic staff, and also got to meet with the players as well and liked who he met.

"I loved them," said Grady. "I had receiver Jordan Mathews as my host."

Over the last five weeks Grady has taken official to his top choices Iowa State, USF, and Wake Forest, and said he enjoyed each visit. But said the recent Vandy visit might have changed things.

"I think they definitely moved near the top of my list," Grady said after his visit.

The Armwood stand-out has already set his announcement for 10 a.m. at his school on Wednesday, but how many hats on the table might have increased by one.

"I'll most likely have four," said Grady. "Just in case someone drops out or something of that nature."

Prior to this weekend Grady said USF, Wake Forest, and Iowa State were all tied, but after his latest visit, has anything changed?

"They still are in my opinion," said Grady. "But Vanderbilt is up there too."

With four schools in the race now is there a pecking order for his finalists with just days until signing day?

"I think I have a top two schools that standout," said Grady. "But I can't say who. I just got to figure things out."

Grady didn't say who the top two were, but did say a quick bit about each of the four schools that are in the running.

"USF simply because it's the hometown team and both my parents went there. Wake has great academics and good location. Vandy wants me real bad at QB and also has great academics. Iowa State was my first quarterback offer and I have a great relationship with the coaches.

Both Iowa State and Vanderbilt are offering Grady at quarterback, while USF and Wake are recruiting him as an athlete, but Grady said that doesn't make a difference.

"I just want to hit the field as early as possible," said Grady. ‘The position doesn't matter."

With all of his official visits in the books, the 6-foot-1, 192 pound prospect has some thinking to do before signing day, but did say what's most important to him in making that choice.

"It's probably the comfort level and if I'm comfortable in that place or not," said Grady. "All four schools are similar in academics as far as undergrad goes as well as football, so comfort level of where I'll be is important."

When asked how he'll be making his decision, whether it'll be his choice, sitting down with his parents, his coach or praying on it. Grady responded, "All of the above."

Grady said when he'll be announcing where he'll be playing his college ball at his school at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, and it appears that four schools will be watching closely.

"I'll be announcing my decision on signing day," said Grady, and everyone will know his choice then.

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