USF Commits Excited for the Big Day

The big day has finally arrived as most high school prospects have signed their LOI's on Wednesday. USF currently has 19 prospects that have already given their verbal commitments, and today they'll make it official. Find out how they feel about the big day, heading to USF, and ther thoughts on the future for the Bulls.

The big day has finally arrived as most high school prospects will be signing their National Letter of Intent on Wednesday. Nobody knows for certain about how the class will end up by the day's end, but USF currently has 19 prospects that have already given their verbal commitments, QB Matt Floyd and linebackers Mike Juene, and Antoine Pozniak, who have already enrolled, and tomorrow the rest will make it official. I asked them when they're signing, how they feel about the big day, heading to USF, and the future for the Bulls. Here's what they said

Boo Simon, OL (Baldwin County, AL) - I sign about 10:30 – I'm really pumped because I have been waiting for this day for a couple of years. I feel great. USF was a great fit for me and my family. I believe the future for USF is truly the National Championship. The coaches are in place and now they just need to cultivate us and future incoming classes.

Max Lang, OL (Boone) – I sign at 7:30 – I'm excited and stoked for it, and have been ever since I committed. I'm ecstatic, it's the best feeling knowing you have at least four more years of ball left. Especially when I'm heading to a place like USF. I'm looking to be a part of a National Championship team and USF is THE place to be right now.

Brynjar Gudmundsson, OL (Wellington) – 9:30 –Man I feel great!!I couldn't be any more excited to make everything official and be a Bull!!! I couldn't be any happier about my decision at USF. We're heading in a great direction and I believe I'm coming in at a great time under Coach Holtz

Thor Jozwiak, OL (Lake Region) – I sign at 8:30 – I have been waiting for this day my whole life.. And me to be signing with USF, it makes me feel incredible. I feel great about coming to USF. I love the school and love the program. I love everything about USF!! I see nothing but great and big things for the future of the Bulls!

Darrell Williams, OL (Evans) - I'm signing sometime after 7, but the school is having a ceremony at 9. – I'm excited that the process is finally over. I've been happy with my decision since I committed and I'm glad that I can be part of an up and coming program at USF.

Kenneth Durden, DB (Lowndes, GA) – I sign at 11:00 – I feel very good about it getting it done. I feel great about heading to USF. It seems like they're ready for me to come in and work.

Chris Garye, DB (Lincoln) – At 11:00 - I feel great about tomorrow. I'm a little nervous. I'm ready to show what I got at the next level as well. I feel great about the program. They are only taking one safety and that's Chris Garye. So I'm excited to what will happen when I get there!

Corian Hamilton, S/LB (Olympia) - I sign at 10. I'm very excited for it! I feel like I made the right choice and I'm ready to start my future with USF, we're going to do big things.

Edsel Caprice, LB/DE (Cape Coral) I sign at 12:30, but will actually fax the papers in before that. – It feels great to finally sign. I feel like choosing USF was the best choice and think the Bulls have a very bright future.

Clavion Nelson, DE South Broward. I sign at 8:30 – I feel good because this is a big accomplishment in my life. I feels very good because I'm home, but not too close to home. I feel great about heading to USF and feel l like I can be an impact in the future as I develop with the Bulls.

Alex Mut, WR (Charlotte) – I sign at 7 –I feel very excited, and I cannot wait to get up there!

Tye Tuner, TE (Griffin) –I sign at 8 am –I'm very excited about it and feel very blessed. I'm happy to be joining the USF family and think that the future is bright for the program. I think the coaches and the players are heading in the right direction.

Willie Davis, RB (Stephenson), GA – At 9 a.m. – The feeling is tremendously better than any other award ceremony, because this in actuality is an award ceremony. Everything that they have worked for the past four years for the chance to expand the next four years of their life. I'm very excited..Really can't wait, I actually tried to get down there early, but things didn't work out as planned. For the most part I'm looking forward to an immaculate and amazing next four years at the University of South Florida, with the intentions of multiple BCS bowl game wins and even a National Championship victory and everything else that comes with it. It's no secret… Go Bulls!!!!

Andre Davis WR, Jefferson – 10:00 – I'm feeling pretty good about tomorrow actually, I'm looking forward to it. I feel real good about heading to USF, and can't wait to get in there, work hard and work towards winning a championship really. They way I feel about USF, is that they can't do anything but go up, I think the best years are ahead of us. With all the upgrades and what they're doing with the football program, they're doing everything they can to make it the best that it can be, and that's what I like about it, we're going to be big time. I can't wait and I'm very excited.

Zack Bullock, LB Sebring- 8:30 – Man I'm excited, I'm so excited after waiting so long and the big day is finally here. I'm pumped about heading to USF, especially since I took my visit, it went real well and I got to hang with everybody, it got me all excited. I've been waiting since last summer when I made the commitment, and I can't wait to get up there. I think the future for USF is going to be great, they got a lot of great players. They got running back Marcus Shaw and I played against him in high school so I know how good he is. They added some receivers that I met on my visit, they got a whole bunch of linebackers, including me, and they have a lot of under classmen that are coming up, so the future is looking bright, they got a lot of young talent.

Ruben Gonzalez, WR (Robinson) - 8:30 – I'm excited, I'm finally getting ready to officially close it out. I'm excited as any other kid would be to get to USF, I can't wait to get there, start working and try to make an impact on the team. All I see in the future is Big East Championships, me and Dre have been talking about how this program is upcoming and on the rise, and we're going make things happen. We're going to take it to the next level, and Tampa Bay is going to be LIVE from here on out! Guys like Matt Grothe got it started, and they been building it up ever since, and we're just going to make it even better. I saw everything they building now on my visit and it looks great, the new fields are sweet, and they're redoing the locker rooms, the meeting rooms, and also the training room, it's going to look great and it's just going to make more ahtletes want to go to the school, and take it to a Big East championship, that's what we're all about.

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