Inside USF Junior Day

With USF hosting their first junior day of 2011 Saturday, many may be asking what exactly is junior day, why they are important, what happens at the event, and how do the Bulls conduct theirs?

USF hosed the first Junior Day of 2011 Saturday.

Junior Day is basically when the football staff invites high school juniors and underclassmen that they may have an interest in recruiting. They show them around the campus, the football facilities, see the academic side, and learn about the football program. It's similar to an unofficial visit so the players can't be wined and dined or anything, but they can be given tickets to athletic events. There are no workouts or anything of that sort, and it's basically a meet-and-greet and an opportunity for the coaches and recruits to get to know each other.

Every school does Junior Day differently, and to find out how Skip Holtz and USF conducts theirs, click below.

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