Powell Impressed with USF Visit and Offer

Pinellas Park's Jeremi Powell, a 6-foot-2, 196 pound linebacker/receiver has seen his recruiting interest spike recently, and on Wednesday the Pinellas standout visited USF to check out the hometown Bulls, and liked what he saw. Read on to see what the stand-out prospect thought of the USF visit and offer.

Jeremi Powell, the stand-out linebacker/receiver that plays at Pinellas Park High has been a hot commodity lately with Florida and South Carolina joining Purdue and Iowa State as school that have offered. On Wednesday, the 6-foot-2, 196 pound prospect took a trip over the bridge to check out what USF had to offer.

"I visited USF and it was pretty tight," said Powell. "They showed me a lot of love."

The Pinellas Park star couldn't attend USF's Junior Day last Saturday due to the ACT and made the trip over the bridge to check out the Bulls Wednesday after school.

"They showed us everything about the school, the facilities, the training room, offices, the locker rooms and where they watched film, it was all real nice. "The weight room was really nice and I didn't know USF had it like that. I was shocked to see how big it was, and how nice everything was all set up."

"The locker room was real nice," said Powell. "They had a pool table and TVs in there, and that was tight too. I thought it was great, but they said they were redoing it, so I can't imagine how nice it'll be then."

"They got these beautiful new practice fields, and they got a turf field too, I couldn't believe it. That was tight," said Powell. "I got to stand on it, walk on it and everything. I watched them practice and meet the linebackers, it was really cool. Then they took us upstairs and you could look down on it and see everything, it was amazing and that just got me."

Powell also got the opportunity to watch the Bulls work out on the new practice fields

"We watched them practice and it was pretty intense," said Powell. "Watching it just made me want to jump out there and play, because I love football and it's hard for me to just stand there and watch it, I go crazy. They were going at it, and that wasn't even a full practice, it was just a workout and that got me all pumped up."

"They showed me where the tutoring room was, and how they help us with academics," said Powell. "They're big on that and that was good to see."

While on the visit Powell said he got to meet most of the defensive coaching staff and some of the offensive staff as well.

"I talked with Coach Vaas, my recruiting coordinator and with the linebacker coach/defensive coordinator Snyder. I hung around with him a lot," said Powell. "He had me watch how his set up was and how he trains the linebackers, it was pretty tight. Coach Snyder seems like a really cool guy and a good coach, he got me all pumped up and ready to play. I like that the D-coordinator is also the linebacker coach, that's pretty tight."

Another one of the highlights of the visit was getting to talk to USF Head Coach Skip Holtz.

"I got to talk with Coach Holtz, he looked at me straight in the eye and told me they were offering me," said Powell. "I couldn't believe it, I had the head coach come up to me personally, shake my hand and tell me that they wanted me there, and they had a spot for me. It felt pretty good."

"I like Coach Holtz he's real cool and funny too.
After the work out they do something with points and play games like they have teams and a competition. Everything is a competition to keep guys motivated and that was real interesting to see."

Jeremi also got to meet USF players, spend time with them and get to know them.

"I met all the linebackers they had out there and a lot of the other guys too," said Powell. "I couldn't believe how big they were they were big as hell. I thought I was big and I'm getting there, but they on a different level. When I was in the weight room, I couldn't believe how jacked up everybody was."

"The players were real cool and very funny, they were hilarious," said Powell. "They were funny, but when it came down to work, they got serious. They all seem very real and are good people. They're pretty tight and I feel like I would fit in there."

After spending several hours on campus and getting to know more about USF Powell said he was impressed with what he saw.

"I was very shocked with how nice everything was on campus and they're upgrading a lot," said Powell. There was a lot of construction going on, so it's going to be even nicer when they're done."

Now that he got the opportunity to see the Bulls up close, how does Powell feel about the hometown team?

"USF, they're starting to put themselves on the map, and they're getting better like everybody has been saying," said Powell. "They got a lot of nice stuff, good coaches and they're close to home. It's a real cool school, but I got a year to sit on it."

Powell already has offers from Florida and South Carolina who offered last Friday, joining Purdue and Iowa State that offered earlier, and felt good about getting another in-state offer.

"It felt great to get another offer form a good instate school," said Powell. "I'm not afraid to leave and go out of state, but the closer the better."

With all the attention he's receiving and more surely to follow, Powell seems like he wants to stay in-state and has the options to do so.

"The Gator offer really got me, I couldn't believe that one. I grew up a Florida State fan and they were my number one school for a long time, but they haven't been doing as much, but they do want me to come to a camp. USF has now offered and that was big too. Any college that offers me a scholarship to play football has a chance and will be in the mix."

With several big offers from some top programs that have gotten his attention, Powell said he's not ready to name a leader.

"I'm just open right now," said Powell. "I'm just looking at the different programs and seeing how everything is."

Powell does know what factors he's looking at when he does make a choice.

"First of all I got to fit in. I want to feel comfortable and can't be in a spot where I don't feel like I can be myself. That could take me out of my zone and I won't be Jeremi then," said Powell. "I look at other things too, I want to play. I want to get on the field somewhere, linebacker, special teams or whatever. I understand if I don't, but I rather get on the field early and I'm not afraid of competition to earn it."

As to what's on tap for Powell, he plans on going on a visit to Florida this weekend and plans on going to a few combines and catching a few practices South Florida.

"I'm going to Florida on Saturday and then on Feb 26 I'm going to the MVP camp in Orlando," said Powell. "I'm definitely going to try and catch some practices at both USF and Florida in March."

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